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Social Studies - U.S. Government & Citizenship
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Standard 3
Students will understand the distribution of power among the national, state, and local governments in the United States federal system, or compound constitutional republic.
  • Constitutional Topic: Checks and Balances
    This webpage lists how each part of government checks the other and describes the separation of powers in our national government.
  • FBI Vault
    Access to thousands of documents from the FBI vaults.
  • Oyez Project: Supreme Court Multimedia Database
    Northwestern University hosts this collection of materials about the justices and cases of the US Supreme Court, from Marbury v. Madison to Bush v. Gore, from John Marshall to William Rehnquist, it's all covered.
  • Photos of Young Presidents
    Photos of some of the US presidents when they were kids.
  • Themepark: Government Systems
    Learn about the components of our system of government, including the legislative branch, the executive branch, the judicial branch, and, of course, the individual citizens of the United States.

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