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Social Studies - World Civilizations
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Standard 5
Students will understand the interaction of peoples in the global integration of the 20th century.
  • AskAsia
    The Asia Society sponsors this colorful site, a collection of teacher and student materials about Asia. It includes lesson plans, readings, maps, pictures, timelines, and links about more than a dozen Asian countries.
  • CIA World Fact Book
    The U.S. government's complete geographical handbook, featuring full-color maps and flags of all nations and geographical entities. Each country profile tracks such demographics as population, ethnicity and literacy rates, as well as political, geographical and economic data.
  • Cybrary of the Holocaust
    An important starting point for study of the Holocaust. The site includes photos, witness accounts, art, literature, and historical documents. There are lesson plans and bibliographies for instructors.
  • Early Nazi Propaganda
    Background for six posters showing early Nazi propaganda from the 1930's.
  • EyeWitness
    "History through the eyes of those who lived it" including images, sounds, and writings.
  • German Propaganda Archive
    Calvin College has collected an archive of Nazi and East German propaganda. These speeches, posters, cartoons, and instructions for propagandists are prime material for student analysis and discussion.
  • Internet History Sourcebooks
    Mammoth site has 3 main sourcebooks on ancient, medieval, and modern history and smaller books on specific places and groups. Each has primary sources, descriptive documents, and graphics. "In the movies" guides examine historical films about each era.
  • Issues |
    " covers the world from the grassroots, highlighting hidden voices and overlooked perspectives on key global issues."
  • National Geographic Education
    National Geographic Education brings geography, social studies and science to life. Using real-world examples and National Geographic's rich media, educators, families, and students learn about the world and the people in it.
  • Peace Corps: World Wise Schools
    This site by the Peace Corps emphasizes world awareness, volunteership, culture and geography. Resources include lesson plans, contact links, maps, letters, folktales, and volunteer stories.
  • Today's News Headlines
    Links to nearly 800 newspaper front pages in 78+ countries. Look at what the top stories are for different parts of the world or nation and how new is presented differently in different regions or by different papers.
  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Part of the Smithsonian, the US Holocaust Museum has plenty on its web site. There are over 10 online exhibits, a group of student activities, and lesson plans for instructors.
  • What can Weimar Germany Teach Us?
    Excellent information about the Weimar Republic and the implications for democracy that is still relevant.

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