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Science - 4th Grade
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 3
Students will understand the basic properties of rocks, the processes involved in the formation of soils, and the needs of plants provided by soil.
Objective 3
Observe the basic components of soil and relate the components to plant growth.
  • A Recipe for Soil
    Students make soil using local materials and compare plant growth in natural and student-made soil.
  • NHMU: How Are Soils Classified?
    Students will learn to list the three texture groups in which soils are classified. They will also learn to classify a soil sample as sandy, silty, or clay soil.
  • S-O-I-L Soil
    At the end of this activity students should know that plants need nutrients to grow, those nutrients come from the soil, and nutrients can be added to soil to help plants grow better.
  • Sand, Clay and Humus
    Soil is composed of living, nonliving, and once living components. Students discover these materials as they get their hands dirty in a bucket of soil. Students then study the differences between humus, sand, and clay. They will observe these samples dry, wet, and in settling tubes. This is a great introduction lesson and covers Object 3 A and B extremely well.
  • Soil Ingredients
    Soil ingredients are sorted into organic materials and rock sediments.
  • TRB 4:3 - Investigation 5 - What is in Soil?
    This activity will help students understand the basic components of soil and relate the components to plant growth.
  • TRB 4:3 - Investigation 6 - Soil Profile
    This activity will help students understand the components of soil.
  • TRB 4:3 - Investigation 7 - Plants in Soil
    Students will understand how the components of soil effect plant growth.
  • The Dirt on Soil
    At the end of this activity students should understand the source and the process for the formation of soil, the different types of soil, and the components of soil.
  • Weathering and Erosion Splashdown
    The hands-on activities in this lesson will help students understand how plants and their roots help slow the erosion process.

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