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Science - Elementary Curriculum
Science - 5th Grade
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 1
Students will understand that chemical and physical changes occur in matter.
Objective 3
Investigate evidence for changes in matter that occur during a chemical reaction.
  • Boot Reer Root Beer
    Activities involving dry ice and root beer help students understand the chemical and physical changes that occur in matter.
  • Changing Matter in Colonial Days
    In the following activities, the students will experience making some of the products used in Colonial life. They will also see whether the product was produced by a physical or chemical change.
  • Clean Pennies
    Students will use dirty pennies to observe physical change.
  • Food Matters
    In the following activities, the students will experience seeing bread made and experience making butter. They will also see whether the product was produced by a physical or chemical change.
  • Hidden Science in Colonial Living
    Students explore the science involved in the making of items used in colonial life: bread, butter, soap, candles, wool, etc.
  • Meet the Book and DVD
    These activities will help students learn how to read and comprehend science text.
  • Mystery Powders
    Five powders and five tests are provided for students to explore chemical and physical properties, changes, and reactions.
  • Science Detectives
    This activity is intended to introduce students to the difference between physical and chemical changes in matter.
  • TRB 5:1 - Activity 6: Chemical Change
    Students will conduct a variety of experiments to investigate the changes that occur in matter during a chemical reaction.
  • TRB 5:1 - Activity 7: Stomach Chemistry
    Students will create a simulation of the chemical reactions that occur during the digestive process.
  • TRB 5:1 Act. 8: Physical Changes & Chem. Reactions
    At the conclusion of this activity students will be able to describe and compare physical changes.
  • The Heat is On!
    This activity gives students experience with chemical change.
  • What's Happening in My World?
    Students look for examples of chemical and physical changes in the world around them.
  • What's the Matter?
    Students observe a discrepant event--matter seems to disappear in a chemical reaction--and are then challenged to create experiments to solve the dilemma.

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