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7th Grade Science Online Interactive Activities

These activities support the Integrated 7th Grade Science Textbook.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 1 - Structure

Online Density Activity
Choose your material, place it in water, and do a virtual experiment on density.
Changing States of Matter Activity
Change the temperature under a pot of water and watch what happens.


Chapter 2 - Earth Matters

Online Density Activity
Choose your material, place it in water, and do a virtual experiment on density.
Sorting by Particle Size
This online demo shows how flowing water acts on rock and particles.
Earth's Layers
Use this colorful interactive to learn about all of the Earth's layers.


Chapter 3 - Cells

Cells Alive! How Big is a…?
Use this animation to get up close to cells and organisms.
Cell Models
These interactive animations give you an up-close view of the two types of cells.
Diffusion Simulation
Change different factors in this animation to understand how diffusion works.
Diffusion and Osmosis Activity
This animation will let you see diffusion and osmosis at work.


Chapter 4 - Genetics

Genetics of Organisms
You can conduct an experiment with fruit flies with this online lab. You will see how traits are passed on to offspring.


Chapter 5 - Classification Systems

Animal Classification Interactive Activities
Use these fun activities to learn about classifying or grouping animals.
Classification Game
See if you can group these living things.
Animal Classification Game
Learn about how animals are classified and then test how much you know with a classification game.
Classifying Arthropods
Use this virtual lab to compare and contrast the characteristics of arthropods.
Classifying Animals Game
Drag and drop the names of various vertebrates and invertebrates into their proper classes.
Classify This!
See how you do when assisting a professor in classifying bugs.
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