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Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP)

Program Description
The Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) is provided by the University of Utah College of Education in partnership with Utah Education Network. Leading to an endorsement in Educational Technology, the program consists of 18 credit hours of courses. Participants take 3 University courses; 6 credits of courses focused on technology to support curriculum; and 3 credits of courses where they use technology to enhance their professional practice. Most participants take about 2 years to complete all requirements, though it can be done in a single year. Credit earned in the program can also be used for salary lane changes. Participants who want Southern Utah University credit for the classes taken at UEN must pay SUU a $21 recording fee per credit.

Click here for general information about the Educational Technology endorsement.

ETEP Courses
Course requirements are outlined below. Click on the course title to view course details.

University Courses (9 Credits)
The following university courses are required. These evening courses are offered on campus at the University of Utah.

For tuition and fees associated with University graduate courses, please visit the Tuition Rates page. Non-matriculated students are charged at the Upper Division Undergraduate tuition rate.

Technology Supporting Curriculum (6 Credits)
Complete any combination of the following UEN classes for 6 credits:

Title Credits Online? Hours
Differentiating for Learning Styles 1 Y 15 hours
Digital Storytelling 1 Y 15 hours
Digital Video Projects for the Classroom 1   2 days
Digital Video with iMovie 1   2 days
Effective Teaching with Visual Media 1   2 days
Instructional Approaches for ELL 1 Y 15 hours
Internet Safety for Educators 1 Y 15 hours
My.UEN for Web Enhanced Classrooms 1 Y 15 hours
Pioneer Library for Preschool and Elementary 1 Y 15 hours
Pioneer Library for Secondary Grades 1 Y 15 hours
Project-based Learning: Transform your Class 1 Y 15 hours
Teaching with Digital Video 1 Y 15 hours
WebQuests 1 Y 15 hours

Technology Enhancing Practice (3 Credits)
Complete any 3 of the following UEN classes for 3 credits:

Title Credits Online? Hours
Classroom Podcasts with UEN Resources 1   2 days
Community Mapping Workshop: CMaP 3   5 days
Advanced PowerPoint for Teachers 1   2 days
Classroom Projects with iLife 1   2 days
Classroom Projects with Photoshop Elements 1   2 days
Create Online Educational Media 1   2 days
Digital Photography in the Classroom 1   2 days
Google for Educators 1   2 days
Google Tools 1 Y 15 hours
Make the Most of your Mac 1   2 days
Mapping your World with GPS 1   2 days
Multimedia Projects with iPads (BYOD) 1   15 hours
Multimedia Projects with iPads (Online) 1 Y 15 hours
Pioneer Library: Research and Resources 1   2 days
Six Technology Projects 1 Y 15 hours
Teach and Learn with Web 2.0 1 Y 15 hours
Teaching and Learning with iPads 1   2 days
Use Technology to Teach 1   2 days
Web Publishing with my.uen 1   2 days
Working with Windows 1   2 days

USOE or SUU graduate credit will be issued as each class is completed.

ETEP Forms

ETEP Resources

University of Utah
Educational Psychology

JoLynn Yates
(801) 581-7148

University of Utah
Registrar's Office

Andrea Roner
(801) 581-8969

Utah State Office of Education
Educational Technology Endorsement

Rick Gaisford
(801) 538-7500

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