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Online ESL Endorsement Courses

As a result of the uncertainty about current proposed federal budget cuts to education (under 1965 ESEA & the 2016 ESSA re-authorization), our Title III online courses toward completion of an ESL Endorsement will be phased out.

We wanted to make this announcement early as issues are unfolding in Washington D.C. to provide you with time to find other options for your ongoing learning.

We still hope to offer the summer courses with some adjustments and the Fall practicum for those who have completed the courses.

REMINDER: Priority registration is reserved for those currently teaching English Learners who must earn an ESL Endorsement based on an OCR mandate or district requirement for continued employment. No one else will be accepted.

On a personal note it has been a great privilege to be the designer and facilitator of the Cultural Diversity course. Utah educators have been an inspiration for me as an educator in their ability to better understand the conditions that impact our students, from toxic stress and trauma informed care for our refugee and immigrant students to our children and youth from Utah's tribal nations (our First Peoples).

Thanks to those who have done their BEST work as adult learners.

Dr. Christelle Estrada, Ph.D.
Education Specialist: Title III/Refugee & Immigrant Programs
Utah State Board of Education

As a result of the high demand, long waitlists, and those who registered but then did not complete the course, therefore limiting access to others on the waitlist, we have set up a system to prioritize registration.

Priority is given to those who are:

  1. required to have an ESL Endorsement for continued employment;
  2. in schools with an OCR or monitoring plan for English learners and Title III Compliance;
  3. in schools that are in school improvement; OR
  4. in school teams or district cohorts.

A minimum of 18 semester credits is required from all approved universities:

A statewide committee reviewed both research and the 2006 TESOL Standards that have been now been aligned to the 2010 Standards for the Recognition of Initial TESOL Programs in P-12 ESL Teacher Education; prepared and developed by the TESOL/NCATE P-12 Teacher Education Standards Team.

Domain 1: Language (3 credits)
Domain 2: Culture (3 Credits)
Domain 3: Planning, Implementing and Managing Instruction (3 credits)
Domain 4: Assessment (3 credits)
Domain 5: Professionalism (including Family and Community Involvement): Utah's Effective Teaching Standards (3 credits)
Domain 6: Practice Teaching with English Learners (3 credits)

For a detailed explanation of the standards please download the following document: 2010 TESOL-NCATE Standards P-12 Teachers

Online UEN / SUU Courses to be phased out
Domain 1 (3.0 Credits)
ESL: Language Acquisition (3.0 Credits)

Domain 2 (3.0 Credits)
ESL: Cultural Diversity (3.0 Credits)

Domain 3 (3.0 Credits)
ESL: Content Instruction for English Learners (3.0 Credits)
ESL: Literacy Development for English Learners (3.0 Credits)
ESL: Teaching Academic Language (3.0 Credits)

Domain 4 (3.0 Credits)
ESL: Assessing Linguistically Diverse Students (3.0 Credits)

Domain 5 (3.0 Credits)
ESL: Professionalism in School & Neighborhood Community (3.0 Credits)

Domain 6: Practice Teaching with English Learners (3 credits):
TO BE TAKEN AT THE END OF ALL COURSE WORK - A flipped on-line hybrid course with Electronic Portfolio submission to USBE (includes supervisor evaluation and hour validation included in portfolio). This requirement is currently being developed and will be available in Fall 2017.

The only cost will be the recording fee payable to our education partner, SUU. Currently this is $21 per credit hour. SUU is working with us so these courses receive higher education credit and are recorded on a college transcript. There is no requirement that you are a matriculated student at SUU. Any licensed Utah K-12 teacher who wishes to take these courses can register.

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