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Online Science Course Schedule


For additional information contact:

Ricky Scott
Utah State Board of Education
Science Education Specialist
(801) 538-7808

The Utah State Board of Education, in partnership with UEN, is offering online courses to better meet the needs of those Utah educators who are pursuing their science endorsement, especially those in rural districts. These courses are developed by Utah teachers and community experts to support teaching the Utah Core Standards; building deep content knowledge in science to support instruction; and effective teaching strategies that are best practice to help support student success in college and career. The classes use rubrics that align with the vision for science education articulated in our core standards, as well as the Literacy for Science standards articulated in the English Language Arts core documents. The courses are also designed to support teachers in the use of the Utah Teaching Effectiveness Standards as they redesign their instruction based on assessment data from the new assessment system.

Endorsement Courses

Course designs are aligned to the principles of adult learning, based on the Vella approach to Dialogue Education, and support high quality, collaborative learning that will be immediately relevant and applicable to one’s teaching.

Please note:

COURSE REGISTRATION LIMITS: You may register for a MAXIMUM of two Science online endorsement courses per term.


Registration for January and May courses opens August 8 at 7:00 am

September 2017
Click course title to register. View course descriptions below.

Content Courses for Science Endorsement:

Professional Development Courses:

Professional Learning Series

In general, participation in any of these courses will often include:
  • Self-guided modules (4-6 hours of work per weekly module)
  • Course material readings, activities, assignments, and assessments
  • Discussion board postings
  • Classroom application assignments

Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards
The SEEd content courses are designed to build and support teacher science content knowledge for each grade, strand, and standard of the Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards. The canvas-based courses are self-paced and focus on science core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and natural phenomena that can be used in the classroom to support teaching the SEEd Standards. Each course is designed to focus on all the standards in one strand of the SEEd standards. Each course will start with an introduction to the 3 dimensions of science and then have one module for each standard found in the strand. Based on the size of the strand, each course is worth either 0.5 or 1.0 USBE Credit upon successful completion (each course link shows how many USBE credits it is worth).
Teachers enrolled in the course must receive 100% on every course module and complete the course feedback survey for the course to be considered successfully completed and to obtain USBE credit for the course. All participants who do not finish the coursework during the term’s work period will need to register in another term and start over on the work they had completed. Each module contains an introduction page, content learning section, mastery quiz, and discussion. Once enrolled in a course the participants will continue to have access to the canvas course content even after they are finished so that it can be used as a reference in the future.

Science teachers are invited to take any and all courses they want to take so they can prepare to teach the SEEd Standards. Courses are all independent of each other and do not need to be taken in a particular order. Although these courses are made specifically for the 6th – 8th Grade SEEd standards, all teachers of all grades are invited to take these courses to improve their content knowledge in these areas.

After successful completion USBE Credit will be posted to your record the week following each term’s work period as listed in the table below.


Registration Period

Work Period

Completion Date

Credit Posting


December 1 – March 31

December 1 – April 30

April 30

First week of May


April 1 – July 31

April 1 – August 31

August 31

First week of September


August 1 – November 30

August 1 – December 31

December 31

First week of January