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Learning Management System

UEN provides consortium licensing for Canvas, a cloud-based learning management system to Utah K-12 and higher education institutions. UEN can also provide training for K-12 teachers in schools or districts that license Canvas through UEN.


Canvas Blog

  • From Interstates to iPads: Mobility Matters

    The year was 1956. After decades of research and planning, President Eisenhower signed into law a bill that would forever change the face of transportation on the American continent. The Federal-Aid... Read More

  • Now Launching: The Canvas Space Program

    The timeline of human evolution puts us at approximately 200,000 years old. So why have the vast majority of our technological advancements happened so recently and so quickly? The simple answer is... Read More

  • Canvas World Tour 2014

    Ferdinand Magellan may have launched the first official circumnavigation world tour in 1519, but he wasn’t the first to make it all the way ‘round the world’. You may have learned that Juan Sebastián... Read More

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Utah K-12 Schools with Canvas Licenses

  • Bingham High School - 1,500 seats
  • Canyons School District - 13,000 seats
  • DaVinci Academy - 25 seats
  • Davis School District - 2,545 seats
  • Granite School District - 27,834 seats
  • Itineris Early College - 325 seats
  • Jordan School District - 1,000 seats
  • Logan School District - 3,100 seats
  • Murray School District - 300 seats
  • Nebo School District - 450 seats
  • NUES Regional Service Center - 50 seats
  • Renaissance Academy - 215 seats
  • Rich School District - 264 seats
  • Rockwell Charter High School - 25 seats
  • San Juan School District - 500 seats
  • SEDC Regional Service Center - 100 seats
  • SESC Regional Service Center - 50 seats
  • Success Academy - 400 seats
  • Tooele School District - 50 seats
  • Wayne County School District - 25 seats
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