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October 2012 Highlights

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Election Season
That crisp feeling in the air isn't just from cooling temperatures and drying leaves - it's election season. Visit for information about upcoming debates, election curriculum, videos, and more.

VoteUtah 2012 Gubernatorial Debate, Oct. 11, p.m. and U.S. Senate in Utah Debate Oct. 17 , 9:00 p.m.

October 7-13, 2012
Go the extra kilometer and teach about National Metric Week to encourage each person to develop and maintain an awareness of the metric system. Celebrated the 10th month of each year and the week containing the 10th day (get it). Sponsored by NCTM and the U.S. Metric Association
October 31, 2012
Halloween initially incorporated traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead…but your students know it really means candy, games, costumes, and lots of excitement. You can celebrate all month with UEN curriculum resources for teachers.
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UEN Staff Picks

Man v. Beast Smackdown
An important battle is raging and you can be a part of it. Each week with UEN SciFi Friday you can vote online for SciFi films about humans or monsters (Man vs. Beast) and we'll show the winning film every Friday at 9 pm. You can also learn about the science to go with the show.


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NEW: Core Content Literacy Strategy

The Golden Line (pdf)
Here's a great activity students can do after watching political debates or reading anything in their content area: The Golden Line helps students determine important ideas, make connections, and visualize during reading. This link explains the strategy and includes a printable handout ready to use in your classroom.

Professional Learning

UEN is headed to the Southern Utah Education Conference SUECON October 26 and 27 in St. George. If you want a sneak peek or can't attend the conference, tune into UEN Faculty Lounge on October 25 at 3:30 for highlights of what UEN staff will be presenting at this great event sponsored by Washington County School District.
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eMedia Features

Halloween: Ghosts, Skeletons, Witches
  • A Very Brave Witch.
  • Cyberchase: Trick or Treat
  • Moving Muscles and Bones: Skeleton Moving
  • Muscles and Bones: Role of skeleton
  • The Human Body: How it Works: The Skeletal and Muscular System
  • Draw Me a Story. The Magic Tree. Black line master - Witch.
  • Soundzabound Music Library. Volume 3. Disc 3. Sound Effects.Witch Cackle.
  • Three Sovereigns for Sarah. Part 01.
  • Three Sovereigns for Sarah. Part 02.
  • Three Sovereigns for Sarah. Part 03.
  • NOVA: Ghost in Your Genes
  • Draw Me a Story. The Violin's Ghost.
  • NOVA: Ghost in Your Genes (Audio Described Video)
  • Time Team America: Fort Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Draw Me a Story. The Light.


Fire Safety / Prevention
  • Safety First! On and Off the Field. Fire Safety
  • Workshop Safety Series. Working Around Electricity.
  • Fire Safety in High Rises
  • The Chem Lab: Safety in Every Step
  • NASA Connect. Measurement, Ratios, and Graphing: Who Added the "Micro" to Gravity?
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UEN-TV 9.1

Governor Debate
Utah's only telecast debate between Gary Herbert and Peter Cooke will air on UEN, KUED, and KBYU October 11 at 9 pm. Learn about their approach to education and other critical issues for Utah.


Utah History
The Spirit of Fort Douglas tells the amazing 150 year old story of this historic for nestled at the base of the Wasatch mountains and revitalized by the University of Utah. Watch Wednesday October 24 at 9 pm, and get additional resources from the Fort Douglas Military Museum
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MHz Worldview 9.2

Great for CTE
Auto manufacturing from Germany is featured every Friday at 12:30 PM in the show Drive it! Learn about all the major new arrivals on the automobile market, their design features, and monetary value.


Debates has all the upcoming debates commercial free and balanced in their approach. Watch PBS NewsHour Presidential Debates at 7 pm on Oct 3, Oct 16, and Oct 22. Vice Presidential candidates debate on Oct 11 at 7 pm.
Halloween Kids Shows
The PBS Kids schedule is full of tricks and treats October 29-31 with special themed episodes. Visit for a full schedule and links to teacher and parent resources.
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