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Created by educators at Lehi High School

4 - Exemplary 3 - Competent 2 - Progress 1 - Initial Stages
Character - Seeks out others opinions and tries to understand reasoning.
- Does own work, gives others credit for their work.
- Proves trustworthy in difficult situations with peers.
- Becomes advocate for others and for tolerant behavior.
- Listens and respects others view and opinions sometimes even if they disagree.
- Does their own work and attempts to give others credit for theirs.
- Demonstrates that they are trustworthy.
- Treats all people fairly.
- Recognizes others ideas, viewpoints but struggles with differences of opinion than their own.
- Attempts work. Fails to credit others.
- Mostly trustworthy, but struggles with peer pressure.
- Picks and chooses who to treat well.
- Struggles to recognize others ideas, viewpoints. “I centered.”
- Copies work of others.
- Goes along with peer group—not always worthy of trust.
- Only treats people well when it is to their advantage.
Self Mastery/Decision Making - Identifies problems, accurately sees consequences and analyses various solutions.
- Tries several solutions and implements best.
- Identifies some problems, sees some consequences and can analyze one perspective solution.
- Works toward implementing solution.
- Cannot see problem and has difficulty accurately seeing any consequences.
- Solutions based on faulty idea of consequences.
- Lets others make the decisions.
- Can’t see any solutions. Misconception of role in the situation.
Personal Responsibility - Keeps rules & stays on task until completed.
- Accepts responsibility for self & encourages others.
- Actively contributes to learning community.
- Keeps rules & stays on task.
- Accepts responsibility for own actions.
- Contributes to learning community.
- Behaves & works only when teacher is present.
- Beginning to recognize what is own responsibility but procrastinates.
- Contributes when called upon.
- Detracts from learning community.
- Blames others for own actions. - Refuses to participate.