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Pioneer Online Library Scavenger Hunt

Discover the great resources that Pioneer Library has to offer by completing this scavenger hunt.

1. Pioneer Library Support Materials

Download the “Home Access Letter” to find the seven advantages of Pioneer Library. List three of the seven advantages. (Hint: click on the “Support Materials” link at the top of the screen.)

2. CultureGrams

Choose any country and describe what the education is like for that country. (Hint: click on the “Education” category in whichever country that you may be in.)

3. CultureGrams

Find out how to say a greeting in the chosen country’s language such as “good morning” or “good bye.” (Hint: click on the “Greetings” link in whichever country that you may be in.)


Go to the “Academic Search Premier” database, and:

  • Search on the term “distance education.” How many results did you get?
  • Next, search on “distance education and technology.” How many results did you get?
  • Finally, search on “distance education and computer-based technology.” How many results did you get?
  • Click on the web link for one of the articles, then click on the “Cite” button and write down the citation.


Go to the Kids Search database; then, using the “Search by Topic” web page find and list the top three photos posted for mammals (Hint: first click on “Animals,” then select “Mammals,” and then finally click on the “Photos” icon/button).


Go to the Searchasaurus database, then having selected the Lexile 200-400 search on the term “food pyramid.” The results should display an article that talks about the new name that U.S. Dept. of Agriculture now uses in place of the food pyramid.  What is the new name?


Go to the Auto Repair Reference Center database. What is the oldest make and the year listed in this database?

8. SIRS Discoverer

Go to the Science Fair Explorer web link. What is the science related topic for “in the Kitchen?” (Hint: move your cursor over the topic).

9. SIRS Discoverer

Go to the Advanced Search web link. There are three reading levels that you can search on for content in this database. What are they?

10. SIRS Issues Researcher

Select a topic from the Pro vs Con list. Six source types are listed under the heading “Narrow your results.” What are three of them?

11. Counties of Utah

Click on the county that you live in. Write down something that is unique that is listed about your county.

*Utah educators and librarians contact UEN using your school email address and we will send you the answers to this scavenger hunt.


Additional items for this fabulous Pioneer Library scavenger hunt:

Learning Express
What is one practice eTest that you could take and one eBook that you could download from this database?

How many digital assets are available to you in eMedia. (Hint: click on the “Search” button without entering in a term.)

You must have at least one of two media players on your computer to play a video that you have downloaded from eMedia. List both of these media players. (Hint: search on a term in eMedia and click on an item in your results list. You may need to scroll down to see the two possible media types.)

Do you have the rights to keep a copy of the videos that you have downloaded from eMedia on your hard drive or burned onto a CD or DVD?

List five genre’s (categories) in Soundzabound? (Hint: click on the “Category” link on the left hand-side of the screen.)

List one way the music in Soundzabound can be used legally? (Hint: click on the “Licensing” link on the top of the screen and scroll down.)

World Book
In Surf the Ages there are three eras listed: 1) Ancient Times, 2) Middle-Ages, and 3) Modern Times. List one topic from each of these three eras.

World Book Kids
In Compare Places go to Compare Countries and compare two countries of your choice. What are the top three categories that you can compare between the two countries? (Hint: After selecting a country you will need to click on the purple button “Compare Places.”)

Preschool Pioneer
Under the Learn heading you will see four areas: Letters, Numbers, Me and STEM. If you click on any one of these web links, you will find a variety of educational activities/games. List one from each area.

NROC Hippocampus
List two subject areas that someone could take an online course in at this web site.

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