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Fridays at 9pm on UEN-TV
NOV 17
The Day of the Triffids
Killer plants that chase their human prey? Learn what’s fact and what’s fiction in “The Day of the Triffids” from University of Utah Biology professor Jim Ehleringer in this interview.
Nov 24
A Bucket of Blood
In this dark comedy, a busboy’s misadventure launches him as an artist—with a specialty in murder. Think art & science are strange companions? Check out this PBS Digital Studios vid and consider how chemistry, physics, technology, math, and the imagination combine to produce everything from the frescoes on the Sistine Chapel to the cars we drive every day.
Dec 1
What happens to society when heart no longer rules mind and hand? Film pioneer Franz Lang’s answer is a visually stunning dystopia loaded with special effects. Watch this groundbreaking film then learn about the math and tech that went into it from Spy Hop’s Jeremy Nielsen in this interview.
Little Shop of Horrors
Roger Corman’s dark comedy about a carnivorous plant inspired UEN to talk with University of Utah biologist Lynn Bohs about murderous foliage and careers in science. Listen here.

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