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Night of the Blood Beast
Friday, March 24 at 9pm
An astronaut crashes to Earth in a rocketship, but what's strange isn't that he looks no worse than if he'd fallen off a stationary bike—it's the alien hitchhikers inside his veins...
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Incredibly Strange Creatures
Friday, March 31 at 9pm
As Joel and the 'bots make abundantly clear, a carnival act is more-and less-than it seems in this musical horror flick…
The Phantom Planet
Friday, April 7 at 9pm
When astronaut Frank Chapman gets a whiff of the air on the planet Rheton and shrinks to the size of a nubbin, he's in for an extraordinary adventure...


Bloodlust - March 17
The Killer Shrews - March 10

podcastUEN SciFi Friday combines fun, classic films (aired on UEN-TV each Friday at 9 p.m.) with commentary by Utah experts in science, technology, engineering, math and related fields. Each interview can be found on the movie details pages.

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In addition to TV movies, our partners at the Natural History Museum of Utah offer in-person science movie nights every month. Science fiction film is a bridge to science in the 21st century - enjoy the movies and science together.

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