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Oct 6
The Bat
Is a supernatural creature really terrorizing a small town? “The Bat” capitalizes on the spooky associations with the second largest group of mammals. Listen to these interviews with Utah experts who challenge bat myths with facts.
Oct 13
One Million B.C.
Cave dwellers battle dinosaurs in this 1940 drama that was once in the running for an Academy Award. In this podcast, paleontologist Kenneth Carpenter exposes the film’s scientific gaffs and shares tips for kids who might want to study dinosaurs for a living.
Oct 20
The Devil Bat
Bats deployed as murder weapons by a vengeful scientist? “Hilarious,” says Julia Bart, bat keeper and trainer at Utah Hogle’s Zoo. Get bat facts and career tips for aspiring zookeepers through this UEN interview with Julie.
Oct 27
Horror Express
Grim things happen when a scientific specimen is transported from its origin to a distant land in “Horror Express.” How would researchers avoid such “adverse effects” in real life today? Cynthia Furse, VP of Research at the University of Utah, explains the role of an Institutional Review Board (IRB), ethics in research and why she loves Engineering in this UEN podcast.

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