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College Telecourses - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a telecourse?
Telecourses are academically rigorous courses developed by the nation’s most respected and experienced colleges, public television stations, and independent producers. They are comprehensive, instructional packages that typically include a documentary-style television series, a textbook and a student study guide. College instructors create assignments and additional coursework.

Who takes telecourses?
Students come form all walks of life: working adults, physically-challenged persons, parents with small children, day-time students with scheduling conflicts, high-school seniors earning advanced placement college credits, and retirees fulfilling their life-long dream of earning a college degree. You, too, can take advantage of the flexibility and convenience that telecourses offer.

How do I take a telecourse?
Select the telecourse(s) you wish to take and register at one of the colleges offering your telecourse(s) by calling the contact number on the last page of this brochure. When you register, you will be assigned a telecourse instructor who will provide you with the course syllabus. Telecourse instructors are either part-time or full-time professors. Once the semester starts, UEN-TV will broadcast the course for you to tape on your VCR and play back at your convenience. To earn college credit for a telecourse, you will need to fulfill all coursework required by your college’s instructor, who will monitor your progress, communicate with you through class meetings, mail, phone or computer, and evaluate your assignments and examinations.

How much do telecourses cost?
Tuition and fees vary among colleges. Here are some links to higher education institutions that have telecourses on UEN-TV:

Contact the Admissions Department at your college for details, and be certain to inquire about financial aid.

What do I need to watch telecourses?
All you need is a VCR and television set tuned to UEN-TV. Record the telecourses as they are broadcast, and then view them at your convenience.

What happens if there are “technical difficulties” on UEN-TV during the broadcast of a telecourse?
Telecourses that aren’t broadcast in their entirety will be rebroadcast. You can find the rebroadcast time by checking our schedule at

What do I do if I miss an episode?
VHS copies of telecourses are available at the libraries or distance education sites participating in the UEN-TV telecourse program. Copies of programs are usually available for checkout, but you should contact your educational institution’s office of Distance Education to find out where to get a VHS copy.

How do I receive credits for a telecourse? Are credits transferable? How do I transfer credits I already have?
To receive credits for a telecourse, you must fulfill the course requirements of the college with which you are registered. Generally speaking, credits are transferable. You should contact the college of your choice for exact details.

What if I don’t want to enroll for credit, and I only want to watch the telecourses?
Just set your VCR to record the telecourse, at the appropriate broadcast time, and enjoy at your leisure.

Where do I go for more information about UEN-TV’s telecourses?
You may visit UEN-TV’s website at to check the schedule for telecourses being broadcast in the next two weeks, or you may call us at 801-581-2999.

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