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College Telecourses
Telecourses are regular college courses; however, the lecture and class assignments are broadcast over UEN-TV for viewing off-campus. Students must schedule meetings with teachers to address individual concerns, and must do assignments, take quizzes and examinations as they would for any on-campus class.

You can register for a telecourse at Salt Lake Community College, the University of Utah, Utah State University, or Utah Valley University. To find out which channel UEN-TV is on in your community, see our list of translator and cable channels.


2014 Telecourse Listing

Utah Valley University

Biology 1010 Fall
 General Biology  
Math 1050 Fall
 College Algebra  
Sociology 1010 Fall
 Introduction to Sociology  
Zoology 1090 Fall
 Intro to Human Anatomy/Physiology  

University of Utah

Film 3210
 American Film and Culture  
UGS 1730 Fall
 The Performing Arts  

Did You Know?

Register for courses at each institution:

Attend class in your Pajamas

You can take a course from your living room. Plan to include a telecourse in your academic schedule. Credits are often transferable between institutions. Check with your academic advisor.

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