Book Cover

(original hard cover book)

A project of this magnitude would not be possible without the efforts and support of many people. The two hundred and seventy historians and writers who have contributed their time and donated their articles to the project deserve special thanks.

We have listed their names alphabetically [in the page enetitled "Contributing Authors"] as well as individually at the end of each article. Each author responded graciously and generously, even in many cases when it was necessary to ask them for additional help with other articles.

Particular thanks is extended to the Advisory Committee members. They not only helped launch the effort in the right direction, but also contributed generously as authors. Special mention needs to be made of the efforts of John S. McCormick to develop the concept of the encyclopedia and convince Max J. Evans, Director of the Utah State Historical Society, and David Catron, then Director of the University of Utah Press, of the necessity and feasibility of such a project. They then were willing to commit the resources of their institutions to its successful completion.

The constant encouragement and enthsiasm for the project of Nana Anderson, who became Director of the University of Utah Press in 1991, left no doubt as to its importance and was a source of strength in pushing it forward to completion. Similar support also came from the rest of the University of Utah Press staff, including Jeff Grathwohl, Norma Mikkelsen, and Rodger Reynolds. Rodger's talents were especially important in keeping us to our production schedule, and in designing and laying out the book.

He also arranged for the services of Richard A. Firmage. Richard, a freelance editor was hired to read and edit the entire manuscript for style and content; he then was asked to cull the Utah State Historical Society photograph collection for the photographs included in this volume. His attention to detail and willingness to raise questions when things were unclear or to ask for essential information that was not initially furnished has added immeasurably to the quality of the encyclopedia.

My heartfelt appreciation is also extended to the Division of State History staff, who have assisted and supported the project in many ways. Director Max J. Evans made the encyclopedia a high priority in a division with many priorities: I trust that the project will be judged one of the significant accomplishments of his administration.

Tricia Smith-Mansfield, as assistant director and program manager under whom the project was carried out, not only contributed one of the entries, but also showed encouragement and patience during the many months that the project required.

In the library, Linda Thatcher and Susan Whetstone were gracious and accommodating in providing access to materials and photographs and in arranging for the use of the photographs in the encyclopedia.

Most of the entries were typed into the computer system by Mary Peach. Division of State History staff who assisted with the project and who wrote articles include Craig Fuller, Jay Haymond, Martha Hayden, Stanford Layton, David Madsen, Miriam Murphy, Philip Notarianni, Mary Peach, Roger Roper, Linda Thatcher, and Tricia Smith-Mansfield.

Alan Kent Powell
Salt Lake City, Utah