PDTV: New NoodleTools Features
In this newest episode of UEN's PDTV, Michael and Jared share some of the new NoodleTools features.
New StepUp Scholarships
StepUp is proud to announce a brand new scholarship contest, StepUp to College Costs. They are offering two $500 scholarships to 10th and 11th graders. 
NHK World TV
KUEN is considering adding a new TV channel called NHK World TV. This channel would offer the latest news from Japan and Asia. Learn more and share your feedback.
UCET Conference 2018 - March 22 and 23
Check out all of the sessions that the UEN staff will be presenting at this year's UCET.


Teaching Channel Presents
Teaching Channel invites you to attend visionary K-12 classrooms around the United States. Tap your feet along to a lesson that studies similes with...

MHz Worldview

Unni Lindell
Homicide detective Cato Isaksen follows the trail of a serial killer in Oslo. Based on the novel by Unni Lindell. Directed by Martin Asphaug, 2005.


A movie crew in town to shoot a film about a Native American superhero is threatened by the Windigo. As Matt tries to keep everyone safe while...