UEN is Retiring my.uen Teacher Website Builder
The Utah Education Network is going to retire the my.uen teacher website builder on June 17, 2019. We are sharing the news now so that the educators who are using my.uen as a...
Thanksgiving Primary Source Set
Students can broaden their perspectives on Thanksgiving with the Library of Congress' recently updated Thanksgiving Primary Source Set.
New eMedia!
The new eMedia is here! Check out the changes at and make sure to login using your my.uen account to access all the content!
Mission US!
Check out the brand-new version of the award-winning interactive game for middle and high school American history students.


Green Economy
The Future of Energy: Geothermal Energy - All of us have seen a hot spring or an active volcano but finding new and creative ways to utilize this energy hasn’t been easy. Now you can...

MHz Worldview

A French Village
The identity of the man who sabotaged the Jewish family's crossing is discovered by the German occupation. Meanwhile, Communist conspirators plan a...


Tiga Talk
Kimmie is growing fast. Tiga and Gertie wonder if they are growing too. Tiga tries to grow a bean seed and is frustrated that it does not seem to be...


NHK Newsline
NHK NEWSLINE delivers the latest news, business, and weather every hour with stories and analysis from Japan, the rest of Asia, and around the world.