Sign Up Today: Civics and Character Education Conference
Utah educators are invited to participate in a June 26th conference that will give you the skills and tools to deliver civic learning outcomes for your students. Learn more...
April 22: Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day with these educational web sites, classroom activities, television programs, videos, lesson plans and more ...
April 22: Vision of Virtue
Watch Art Connection on UEN-TV Sunday, April 22nd at 7pm to discover how a University of Utah professor is showcasing the complexities of faith on stage. 
A Focus on In-demand Careers
KUEN and UtahFutures are part of CPB's American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative that is helping to teach students about ‘middle-skill’ jobs.


Scrapbook Soup
Stamping - Make the most of your stamps or create new ones. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer carves her own stamps. May Flaum makes a stamped image pop off the page....

MHz Worldview

Nestor Burma
An old flame resurfaces in Nestor’s life when she desperately asks for his help in finding a man who owes her money. It’s not long after...


The Price for Peace
A terrorist training camp is discovered in placid New Zealand. As we get to know the charismatic leader Tame Iti, accused of running the camp, the...