PDTV: Success with Canvas
Check out the newest episode of UEN's PDTV.  Michael visits Mrs. Allen’s class to see how the Canvas LMS is helping her make a difference in her science classes.
Feb. 28: Advancing Gender Equality in the Workplace: What Works
This interactive seminar is designed to provide the latest research and best practices around how organizations can re ne their processes, procedures, and environments to advance...
March 9: UELMA 2018 Conference
The Future is Now!  Submit your conference proposal and register today.
African American History Month Resources
UEN gathered lesson plans, teacher resources and videos to bring the stories of African-American history to life.


Voices for Freedom: The Hyers Sisters' Legacy
In the perilous 1870's and 80's, when night riders and lynching terrorized African Americans and black-face minstrels ridiculed them across the land,...

MHz Worldview

Nestor Burma
The wife of a major tomato distributor asks Burma to help find her husband, who’s been missing for four days. Burma suspects the man’ s...


Sharing Circle
In this episode of the Sharing Circle, our cameras travel to Reedy Creek and take a front row seat for this engaging celebration of the Metis...