Report - HS Grad Rates Up
American Graduate stations like UEN "have made a profound positive difference" says Patricia Harrison, president and CEO of CPB.
New Podcast Episode - UEN Homeroom
Tacy Towbridge, Adobe's Global Education Programs dicusses what creativity look like in the classroom and how to solving challenges using personal creativity.
Kick Ash Film Festival Submissions
Opens January 2nd for film entries. Videos created should be 30 to 60 seconds long. Open to all 7-12th graders in Salt Lake County. Submissions close February 27, 2020.
PDTV: CS in Juab
Coding extends to elementary schools in Juab County. Michael talks to two people who have seen how early exposure to coding has helped students.


Sci-Tech Now
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MHz Worldview

Deutsche Welle Live
DW television features news headlines from Germany and Europe, political developments throughout the world and the latest from business, culture and...


The New Zealanders
The New Zealanders meets some of the locals pursuing their passions on Banks Peninsula including a family of penguin farmers, a postie who?s going...

NHK World-Japan

Kids Meet The World
Hamamatsu has the largest Brazilian community in Japan. It's also recognized as a UNESCO city of music. Kids in Hamamatsu and Rio, famous for its...