Humans of UETN: Charice Carroll
Charice Carroll shares her journey to becoming a Distance Education Specialist at UETN and how her amazing work at UETN impacts our students and educators across the state. 
Utah Women & Leadership Project
This week, our partners at the UWLP are hosting a virtual workshop on how to build emotional resilience in girls and young women. Check out their website for more details! 
UETN among first to 400 Gbps
Q&A with UETN CTO Jim Stewart: UETN Among the ‘First to 400G’ on Internet2’s Network
2022 Tech Summit
This year's UETN Tech Summit will be held June 22-23 at Murray High School. We are excited to see all of they keynote speakers and presenters. Register today for the 2022 UETN Tech Summit.


Kids for Positive Change
Focus: Forests, Chimpanzees, Birds - Take positive action for forests, chimpanzees and birds, with Bree, the rescue rooster, his human, Camille, the Kids for Positive Change Team and...


Replay ISS Expedition 67 In-Flight Edu-Event With
ISS Expedition 67 In-Flight Educational Event with the Tarwater Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona and NASA Astronauts Kjell Lindgren, Bob Hines...


Future History
In Toronto, Lawyer Sara Mainville offers insights into Indigenous concepts of Justice and criminality. Using food to build community Johl Whiteduck...

NHK World-Japan

Newsline Biz (Nhk)