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Inclusive Enrollment

Routine vaccinations for U.S. bound refugees is not legally required, however CDC has implemented a enhanced vaccination program for refugees arriving from specific areas; refugees participating in these sites will have vaccinations documented on the "vaccination documentation worksheet" which is part of the overseas medical paperwork that accompanies each refugee to the U.S. 

Upon arrival to Utah, all refugees complete a domestic health screening within 30 days of their arrival. Part of the domestic health screening is a review of any vaccination documentation and the administration of additional vaccines as indicated by the immunization schedule.  Vaccine administration is documented on the health screening form that is shared with Utah Department of Health and the resettlement agency (clinics may also provide the "yellow" immunization card).  If, for whatever reason, an individual does not receive necessary vaccines as part of the domestic health screening the resettlement agency will make arrangements to have immunizations administered at a local health department. 


Enrollement FAQ
Information on the Rights of All Children to Enroll in School. Questions and Answers for States, School Districts and Parents.