A digital 100's board that can show and hide numbers. 10 draggable counters are included.

Compatible with: iPad ($2.99)

This is the virtual version of the 10 frame manipulative, providing students practice with recognizing the "10 Families" (e.g.,1 and 9, 2 and 8, etc.) and developing number sense.

Compatible with: iPhone (Free), iPad (Free)

1 Lesson Plan

This App is the diagnostic test students should complete to estimate which Great Word Patterns App they start with. The leveled apps provide practice building words from their sounds. (This first App is free - but More

Compatible with: iPhone (Free), iPad (Free)

This app's interface is designed for pre-schoolers to learn the alphabet.  Entertaining sentences go with each letter to reinforce its sound.  Combines audio, voice and written words.  Parents can even record their own voices so child...More

Compatible with: iPhone (Free), iPad (Free)

Preschoolers can learn about transportation with this app by playing interactive games teaching them over 60 vehicle words.

Compatible with: iPhone ($2.99), iPad ($2.99)

By using sight, sound and touch the user can learn the names of over 60 household objects.  

Compatible with: iPhone ($2.99), iPad ($2.99)

Preschoolers can interact with this app to hear the sounds made by each letter of the alphabet.

Photos are shown of items when the word is sounded so that children can speak along with it.

Compatible with: iPhone (Free), iPad (Free)

The lite version of this app contains 26 colorful uppercase letters, each of which can be used an unlimited amount of times. The letters can be used for letter recognition and word formation. The More

Compatible with: iPad (Free)

In this game letters are shown and sounded and the little ninja must slice through the correct letter. It is designed for preschoolers to learn letters and the sounds they make. Children can play at different levels of easy, medium and hard.

Compatible with: iPhone ($0.99), iPad ($0.99)

This game helps students match rhyming words and understand word families, as well as understand long and short vowel sounds.

Compatible with: iPhone ($3.99), iPad ($3.99)