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Art Connection Calendar

Below you will find a list of community events with dates and locations or online experiences.

Art Connection Episode - On the Move

  • Museum Folkwang Virtual Tour
    The Museum Folkwang was founded in 1902 by Karl Ernst Osthaus. From its beginnings as an art collection with natural science and crafts sections it soon developed into one of the most pioneering museums of modern art in the world.

  • Orchesis Dance Theatre: Dancing in the Stream
    Orchesis Dance Theatre, comprised of student and faculty choreography, presents three weekends of virtual dance. This exploration through the medium of movement will highlight mastery of dance while integrating camerawork and new digital elements for a one-of-a-kind showcase.

  • Bonneville Chamber Music Festival
    Rewatch the first-ever virtual-only concert at WSU, presented by the 14th annual Bonneville Chamber Music Festival!


Art Connection Episode - Beautiful

  • Korean Art Museum Association Virtual Tour
    Since its inception in 2005, the Association has been striving to nurture around hundred member museums through a wide variety of resources programs and projects.

  • Third Saturday for Families Online: Rug Weaving
    November is Native American Heritage Month—a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures and histories and to acknowledge the important contributions of Native people. Spend time with some of the UMFA’s beautiful and important collection of Native American rugs, then weave your own mini-rug with yarn and a cardboard loom you can make yourself at home!

  • Crushing the Curve: Illumination
    Crushing the Curve is a six-part online series exploring the art of theatre and how performers, practitioners and audience members engage with live performance.


Art Connection Episode - Embrace