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Past Episodes


The Ummah exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts educates and allows the public to immerse in Islamic culture. This artistic collaboration with the Emerald Project demystifies a religion, inviting the community to see how Islam transcends the boundaries of nations. For artist David Hinchen, historic houses ignite his creativity. Rendering architectural marvels from New York’s Hudson Valley to Boston, Massachusetts, he sees the value in their design. Larry Patchett and Ken Hendricks are a creative duo who provide an opportunity to travel back in time through their forced perspective photography. We hear from an artist who chooses to work with a wide variety of materials. From wood to steel and acrylics to musical instruments, his creations are full of unexpected discovery.


Pianist Lara Downes created a program where young artists could have a platform to gain the skills and experiences needed to build their craft. The Human Race Theatre Company is Dayton's only professional regional theatre company and is one of the few theatre companies in the nation dedicated to bringing new musicals to the stage. We see how Bobby Scuteri has been honing his craft as a balloon artist since 1989. And artist Cat Del Buono describes her inspirations behind her video installation piece, Riders On The 4.


Cervilio Amador, principle dancer for the Cincinnati Ballet always enjoyed the freedom of movement he found in ballet. But "freedom" took on a new meaning when he defected from Cuba to the United States. Architects at kinneymorrow architecture explain how they transformed an old home into their Houston Texas-based office space. Mequon, Wisconsin, oil painter Pamela Ruschman shares her great love for Wisconsin's landscapes and livestock in her paintings. She brings out the personalities of her beloved farm animals in her works. A person-to-person cultural exchange in Colorado where a music teacher connects with a violin student in Rwanda from inside a re-purposed shipping container with high-tech connections.

Connecting through Art

Located in their own historic house built in 1842, the Weavers Guild of greater Cincinnati offers classes, workshops, and programs to people of all skill levels. Music therapists work at a children's hospital in Sacramento, California. Learn about the art of Japanese drumming from the performers of the Tampa Taiko ensemble. A series of artworks help Houstonians connect on the bayou.


Native American tribes come together to embrace tradition, share their culture, and create wonderfully woven baskets. Each basket is a special work of art. For artist Skylar Suarez, the street is her canvas. Based in Tampa, Florida, this muralist, painter, and illustrator renders bold, expressive art that is available for everyone to experience. In Colorado, Caleb Alvarado wishes to create connections through portrait photography. With his camera, he interacts with individuals and tells their story. Founded in 2017, Ballet Edge Detroit is a dance company that presents classical technique with an edgy, modern twist. We hear from the company’s founders and dancers, and learn more about their mission.

Cowboy Poetry

In the 1960s, Sister Corita Kent found the best way to spread the gospel was through art. She was radical for her time, but was relegated to history. We visit the Harvard Art Museum where they see her as an important pop art figure. We journey to Elko, Nevada to find out how poetry, music, and stories have turned into an annual celebration at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. We visit an early 20th century experimental planned community in Cleveland. And we experience “Sanatorium,” a participatory exhibition from Pedro Reyes. 


Welder Jim Moffitt of Fernley, Nevada, has transformed his passion for metal working into 360° works of art. See how he creates intricate fire pits with an artistic flair. The City Girl Farm is a place from which chicken footstools emerge. And they don’t go for chickenfeed either. They’re serious pieces of fiber art. A question of faith lies at the heart of Disgraced , a Pulitzer Prize winning play. It’s a wrenching conflict given that the main character at the center of it is at pains to conceal his background because he’s Muslim. Karen Barsy has been a dance therapist for over 25 years. She works in different places throughout metro Detroit. Let’s check out Karen and the amazing advances dance therapy can achieve.

Creating the Unique

In this story, we follow Merrilee Cleveland to a foundry at the Fine Arts Center of East Carolina University to witness the birth of her latest series of works, "The Cosmo Dancers." A group of renowned artists from Sacramento find comfort and friendship while creating works of art. We meet Chinonye Chukw, the creative mind behind Pens to Pictures, a collaborative designed to teach incarcerated women how to tell their stories through film. Fashion designer Stephanie Schultz is now the 10th Pfister Artist in Residence in Milwaukee. Her creative fashions are historically inspired and paying homage to the Victorian art at the hotel.

Creative Combinations

Artisodes honors Zachary Botchen, our Student of the Week, from Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, Florida. Roots of Knowledge is a wall of windows at Utah Valley University's library entrance highlighting the events and people that shaped humankind from the days of wooly mammoths and cavemen to the iPhone. The North Market in Columbus is home to a family-run shop specializing in chocolates infused with herbs and spices, resulting in creative flavor combinations like cardamom and orange, and Jamaican curry. Born in Colombia and adopted by a Minnesota family, painter Paul Peterson is creating a Colombian themed series to help his recently found biological family.

Creative Hands

Pasquale Iovinella makes high-quality handmade ties. From fabric selection to pattern development to tie construction, he is involved in every step of the process. We travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to meet jazz musician Romel Sims. With a trumpet in hand, he proudly plays for all to hear and tells a story through the notes he emits. We visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana where painter and architect Francisco “Pastel” Diaz colorfully transformed the space around him by creating murals for the public to enjoy. Whether she is applying henna, using fluid-based acrylic on her canvases, or practicing calligraphy, artist Lydia Hannah Wilson explores many different art forms when creating.

Creative Hues

Wonderbound is a new American dance company that produces creations to ease boundaries between mediums and engages artists and audiences. We talk with Las Vegas painter Jerry Misko and his love of the Sin City’s neon lights. Meet techno music innovators and see how they are honoring the music today and we visit The Hub in New Smyrna Beach, a unique art gallery that houses over 80 local artists.

Creative Landscapes

Even in his own time the Renaissance painter Botticelli was a superstar. The Fields Sculpture Park at Art Omi in Ghent, NY, presents the works of internationally recognized contemporary and modern artists, spread over a sprawling natural landscape. Arin Peywa gives a Zuni language lesson. This short segment profiles Lafayette Gilchrist, an American jazz pianist and composer living in Baltimore, MD.

Creative Process

In upstate New York, the culinary arts are thriving. From farm to table, the art of cheese making, cured meats, and olive oil are front and center. As an artist, Jennifer Lanzilotti does not limit herself. From painting leaves to writing young adult fiction, she finds inspiration all around her in different forms of media. When cutting hair and styling facial hair, barbers often become artists. In this segment, we visit a Reno, Nevada barbershop to find out more about this art form. In Columbus, Ohio, jams Alexander owns an exciting hip-hop based dance studio. From breakdancing to popping and locking, he introduces and teaches dance to his students.

Creative Voices

Birdy magazine provides a platform for creative voices. Based in Denver, Colorado, this arts and culture publication highlights an array of artists through the print medium. We head to Florida to find out more about an organization that has dedicated itself to the advancement of the arts. Produced by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Cleveland Cinemas, the Reel Science Film series explores the world of science fiction and shows how directors incorporate scientific details in their films. Art Ambassadors is a new initiative that redefines how the Utah Museum of Fine Arts creates access and space for diverse voices. Each Art Ambassador works closely with a museum educator to create a personal tour—one that reflects their culture, background, language, special expertise or area of interest.


Meet endearing doll-sized creatures reminiscent of cast-off children’s toys and ill-conceived taxidermy experiments. An Arizona man uses his engineering skills and the connection he has with his brother to create custom wheelchairs. We visit the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum with a redesigned permanent exhibition “A New Deal for a New Generation” and we meet an artist whose canvas is the face.

Creole Jamboree

Cedric Watson shares his love of Creole music and reveals some of the struggles that come with being a full-time musician, despite four Grammy nomination. We take a look at the first war to be fought and represented by contemporary artists, World War I. Anna Skibska describes her work with glass as storytelling. We learn more about her approach in an exhibit titled Reveries at the Loveland Museum. And we visit the Bowne & Co. printing company in New York City.

Cross Currents

We stop by the “Cross Currents” exhibit in Denver, where Native American artists address the conflict of safeguarding tradition in the face of change. We meet Lisa Frasier, a newsroom illustrator that is looking for a change in pace. We drop by Portland, Oregon, where a young painter is making a name for herself and we chase down mystery and intrigue with the legendary Sherlock Holmes.


We head to the Denver Art Museum to explore an exhibition celebrating the work of Mark Rothko and other abstract expressionists called Figure to Field: Mark Rothko in the 1940s. We learn more about a legend in the music business, Henry Stone, who co-founded the indie giant “TK Records.” If you think disco is his only success story, think again. Screenwriter Matthew McDuffie shares the importance of storytelling. And we visit The Rockwell Museum in New York, which holds one of the largest collections of Western American and Native American art in the eastern part of the United States.

Cultural Dance

Traditional dance is an important part of Native American culture. In this episode, we explore the meaning, history, and regalia of three unique Native American dances. We travel through an exhibition of women’s work uniforms from the last century, showcasing the changes in costume. We visit a family in Detroit that’s taking on urban gardening. And we see how body painting artist, Sandra Artist, breathes life into her imaginative creations.

Culture Behind The Arts

Today we follow Grammy winning composer Gabriela Frank, tour the set and meet the actors and directors behind the mini-series The Hollow Crown. Meet the Northeast Ohio painter, Don Harvey and discuss his painting principles. Finally we'll introduce a unique partnership that brings farmers and artist together.