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Exceptional Creations

Artist Clayton Singleton recognizes the importance of creation. We travel to Norfolk, Virginia and learn more about his technique, inspiration, and striking, colorful works. We meet grand junction, Colorado based woodworker Greg Vigil, who applies his background in anthropology to his one-of-a-kind works of art. Fine art, murals, clothing design, pattern creation…for St. Petersburg, Florida artist Chad Mize, his canvas takes on many different forms and there are no limits to his bold ideas. Glassblowing is a special art form that requires tremendous skill and control. Since college, Nate Freeland has been using this technique to render vibrant, custom pieces.

Exceptionally Ordinary

We visit with Bobbi Mastrangelo who is internationally known for her artwork based on the theme of manhole covers. Artist Joanne Barthelmes takes a walk on her land and explains how she finds inspiration. We take a look at how students from The National Dance Institute of New Mexico are making exciting moves both on the stage and in the classroom. And we meet up with two students at the Columbus College of Art Design who leave inspirational messages on a chalkboard.


Call it visual art 101, with a twist. Paint and sip studios school grown-ups on ways to create a simple painting. Vino in hand, optional. We visit one such location in Grand Junction, Colorado. Originally from Austin, Minnesota, acclaimed Americana rock band, Gear Daddies have been playing together since 1986. Band members return to First Avenue for the 25th Anniversary of the band’s record, “Billy’s Live Bait." We visit the Blue House Gallery and Studios in northwest Dayton, Ohio. Since 2014, this once-vacant property has blossomed into a contemporary arts center where artists can collaborate, create and exhibit. Political Cartoonist Dwane Powell looks back on a lifetime of covering the news.


Chef Jose Salazar opened Mita’s restaurant in Cincinnati in 2015. The menu features traditional and modern dishes of Spain and Latin America, and pays tribute to the food created by his grandmother. Rob Rogalski is a local artist whose whimsical art enraptures those who visit his studio. His miniature movie sets, his puppets and his sculptures transport you to a fantasy world that seems so real. At the Sacramento Zoo, animals get the opportunity to create works of art. It’s all part of a program that helps build stronger relationships with the animals and their trainers. Villa Conroy is the home of Connie and Roy Brand. Each month they open their home for a concert, bringing together folk musicians and fans.


Heidi Hoy’s expressive bronze sculptures render women with incredible strength and femininity. Wilmington, Ohio is often known for its antique shops. This small, sleepy town is home to a tattoo parlor which is anything but antique, it’s an art gallery. Photographer Steve McCurry tells us about his travels around the world which lead him to create iconic photographs of vanishing traditions, armed conflicts, and contemporary life. A hard-early life and eventual enlightenment influenced artist Forrest Prince in the creation of some striking multi-media art.


During the biennial legislative session in Carson City, Nevada, the legislative exhibition series presents an array of artworks for legislators to appreciate. The series encourages creativity and expression. For over 20 years, Scenic Solutions has been bringing a variety of shows to life. Based in West Carrollton, Ohio, this scenery shop creates singular designs. We hear from feminist poet, writer, and social activist Margaret Randall. Over the span of her illustrious career, Randall has published over 150 books and made an undeniable impact on the poetic medium. We visit Durango, Colorado, to check out Ska Brewing Company. Founded in 1995, this music-inspired brewery is known for its creative beer labels.

Eye Candy

The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood exhibit delves into the fads, trends, and contemporary influences of the Peanuts comic strip and shows us how those references have changed over the last 50 years. Museum curator Gvido Trepsa talks about the artistic inspiration and the hardships encountered by Roerich in his work. Zach Braff discusses his new crowd-funded film “Wish I Was Here.” And artist Charlotte Kruk explores the ideas of consumerism through fiber arts made of packaging from items she’s consumed.


Producer Ashley Holcroft introduces us to Calvin Arsenia, who has captured the attention of audiences with his harp, his passionate vocals and his soulful style. Join us as Philip Smith takes us into the magical world of his hieroglyphic paintings as they reference the metaphysical world and his childhood in 1960s Miami. Known for his fantastical imagery of the sweet and the skewed, pop surrealist Mark Ryden’s work found its way to the most unlikely of places, American Ballet Theatre…and the result is simply delicious. What do Pavarotti, Abraham Lincoln, and Babe Ruth have in common? They're all featured in the work of artist John Cross, who  whittles blocks of wood into wonderfully defined sculptures.

Fiber of Being

The Fiber Arts are frequently associated with old-fashioned quilting and crochet, but we learn it’s making a name for itself in the contemporary art world. Love reveals its true face in Cyrano Mio, a Spanish adaptation of the French original. We follow the music to Denver, Colorado where world-class pianist Katie Mahan reveals her love of music and we visit the Roberson Museum in New York.

Film Minority

Meet a roofer whose passion for woodworking leads him to make handcrafted guitars from wood salvaged on the job site. We take a look at a film festival showcasing the voices and perspectives of women – both as subjects and storytellers. We take a look at photographer A.J. Meek's new book featuring clouds and poetry by children. And we have an immersive art experience at The (e)merge Art Fair in Washington D.C.

Finding A Balance

A profile of StreetMule, one of more than 350 members of the MTA’s Music Under New York Program. New Mexico painter Laila Cola Weeks feels technology is changing something fundamental about ourselves. Christopher Seggi started drawing at an early age. He also wanted to grow up to be a police officer. Now, he combines his passions into a career that helps put criminals behind bars. It takes a special kind of story and a talented group of story tellers to take the fun of the silver screen and imagine it into an interactive experience… the perfect job for the best of Disney Imagineering.

Finding a Way

A struggling Cleveland, Ohio, artist finds success documenting the lives of others, who, like him, are trying to get by. At MOPCO Improv Theatre in Schenectady, New York, Kat Koppett runs a consultancy that specializes in using the principles of improv to train and coach business leaders. Kathy Flynn shares stories of discovering Works Progres Administration (WPA) art works lost over time in New Mexico. Reno, Nevada, artist Gina Iwahashi specializes in Shibori, a Japanese tie-dyeing technique resulting in a variety of one-of-a-kind patterns.

Finding Inspiration

We visit midtown Kansas City for the annual Chalk and Walk Festival. Every year the festival keeps getting bigger and better in its quest to prove chalk is a legitimate way to make incredible art pieces. Jessica Helen Lopez shares how identity inspires her poetry. Artist Julie Crews is not painting, she is co-parenting her five children with her husband, Neil. Julie says she mostly paints the people, places, and things that she encounters running errands for a family. Lastly, satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Mmelo in the Arena District in Downtown Columbus. Owner Michelle Allen shows off her tasty confections, namely her signature marshmallows.

Flophouse Designs

We travel to The Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada, which has been the centerpiece of the town’s arts and culture. Since opening in 1863, it has withstood two fires, financial hardship and over a century of the changing tastes in entertainment. Sir Winston Churchill, best known for being the leader of England during World Word II, but many don’t know him as a painter and a very skilled one at that. We have a look at Churchill’s artistic side though an exhibit at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. We visit the world’s biggest alligator made out of a mosaic of tiles. And we meet a duo who dreams up and creates unique skateboard designs at The Flophouse.


This time on Art Connection, we take an in depth look at the glass art of Dale Chihuly at the Denver Botanical Gardens. We see how ASL interpreters and Angela Roth, who work closely with the deaf community, take singing to a new level. Meet Clint Holmes as he speaks on topics ranging from what it was like to grow up as a mixed race child and what inexplicable "thing" makes him so passionate about music. And self-taught artist, Debbie Loffing, shares her tactile, natural and at times humorous work.


We get an exclusive look at the life of musician Antsy McClain, who combines folk sounds with a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll. We meet contemporary painter Kevin Sloan who focuses on nature and its relationship with the modern, technological era. We sit down with non-fiction writer William Donati who is turning his attention to the past with an eye toward the world of fiction. And we visit a collection of artists that have come together to create, collaborate, and inspire.

Follow the Stars

We head to London, Ohio where fiber artist Karen Mulier is using her long-practiced sewing skills and love of alpacas to make the world a warmer place. We explore that land and skies with artist Bill Gilbert. Creole Jazz musician and composer Don Vappie performs and describes his love of music and we head to Sacramento to take a look at permanent display for local artists.


Frank Hurley’s photographs of the imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition undertaken by renowned explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew remains one of the greatest ever photographic records of human survival. With 60 years between them, most would assume that Heather Bryant and Lorraine Fink would find very little in common. But, the similarities between the two aren't just in their work, but also in their whimsical personalities. Healing trauma with a laugh track, Anthony Ramirez enlisted a diverse cast and creative team to produce a sitcom called The Anthony Project, which draws from Ramirez’s own experiences as a rape survivor.Singer/Songwriter Olivia Millerschin sings with her soul as she talks about her newest album Look Both Ways.

Fostering Art

Follow children in inner-city Baltimore who take part in OrchKids, an after-school music program, and watch them progress from day-to-day practice to a professional-level performance. Jackson Walker loves bringing the state's history to life, one painted image at a time. From paper to prints, bindings to broadsides, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts celebrates the art of making books. The non-profit  is the largest center of its kind in the world. Alexandria artists Janet and Carl Ahrens aren't afraid to tackle any project; no matter how large or small, from a wooden full scale  horse, to over-size concrete human heads and flashy ceramic plates.


"The Art of Gaman" exhibit at Holocaust Museum Houston highlights art made by internees at the Japanese Internment Camps in the Western US during WWII. Learn how the Carmelite Sisters of Reno, Nevada design and create charming cards for every occasion from start to finish at their monastery, with help from their very own printmaking shop. Carl Peters was a WPA artist during the '30s and '40s working in Rochester, New York. The Memorial Art Gallery teams up with students at a local high school to study these murals and carry on the tradition. Sam Hundley adores junk and the rejected debris left behind when function is gone from an object. Scrap metal left outside to decay holds an artless beauty for him. No longer garbage, they now live to tell a new story.