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Past Episodes

Free to Create

With a career spanning 52 years and accolades that include 22 Grammys, Jazz legend Chick Corea offers insight into his creative process, his career and his life in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Waukesha Art Crawl features arts and entertainment on display in over 20 galleries with original works by over 100 artists. Butterflies, dinosaurs, flowers, oh my! Meet a couple of friends from Reno, Nevada, who fell in love with the world of balloon animals and learn how they honed the skills that delight all ages. A US veteran combats his PTSD by using his welding talents to create wonderful metal art sculptures as his therapy.

From the Ashes

Meet the two artists who wish to revitalize an area once thriving with a wealth of African American culture in Houston, Texas. Take a look at the glitz and glamour of the upper crust society of New York during the time of Downton Abbey. We’ll talk with Michael Cina, an award-winning graphic designer and we take an in-depth look at Heimrad Backer’s body of work documenting the remnants of Nazism and the Holocaust.

From The Page to the Stage

Owner and lead sculptor of Sculpted Ice Works, Mark Crouthamel, shows off his ice carving skills. We speak with Phyllis Magidson about the attire of the elite of the Gilded Age and what it takes to design period costume pieces. Get to know the touring company of Wicked and we follow Zeb Andrews, a man who likes the bare basics of photography.

From Traditional to Digital

We visit the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and travel through its grand opening. Multi-media artist Tony Carosella embeds QR codes into portraits to combine traditional photography with digital media. We talk with the sculptor who brought the creatures to life on Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway carousel and we explore the International quilt festival.


Meet Houston artist Wiley Robertson who is using signs, buildings and more to spread his message of love around the city. Artist Gabriela Michanie shares how she found her passion for photography. Sculptor artist Greg Shochko attempts to capture people's attention as well as carbon monoxide fumes with his prototype scooter. And for anyone who has ever dreamed of turning a secret family recipe into a food product for sale in stores, there's a program giving hope and advice on how to do it.


In this episode of Art Connection we sit down with Bonnie Gale, a New York artist, who uses willows to create her living outdoor sculptures. We catch up with Grammy award winning pianist, Billy Childs, who merges classical music with smooth jazz. We go behind the scenes with the creators of a spell bounding adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and we check out “To The Brink,” an ongoing exhibit at the JFK Library that sheds light on U.S-Soviet Relations during Kennedy’s Administration.


An arts nonprofit in Washington, D.C. builds community through the art of storytelling.  “Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma” showcases some of the major sculptures from this world-renowned artist. The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School is the official music school of The Lighthouse Guild, a nonprofit healthcare and service organization for the blind and visually impaired. Cincinnati artist, Terrence Burke, developed an interest in puppets when he was growing up. But it took special encouragement from his daughter to help him realize his childhood dream.


Students in Detroit, Michigan learn the trade of media making. Poet Tanaya Winder shares her inspiration. Visit Mark Groaning's gallery in Rochester, New York, and you'll quickly realize that he likes to explore. It isn't often that you come across an artist who is as comfortable with a paint brush as they are with a torch. Stephen Koury is an artist in central Florida, who is known for his paintings of animals.

Giving Opportunities

Steve Kolpacke recently discovered his passion for woodturning. We caught up with him in his studio in Detroit. Art + Practice not only provides world class arts experiences but in partnership with first place for youth, local foster youth receive access to housing, individualized education and employment support. Kenneth Young is a talented painter that enjoys exploring many different styles. We visited the artist at his home in Ghent, New York. We take a look at Fannie Mae Duncan’s Cotton Club, celebrating inclusion, desegregation, and the history of Colorado Springs Jazz.

Glass Hieroglyphs

We take a look at the places and the people that keep the regional Capital Repertory Theatre vibrant. Gerardo Pereda-Rosas demonstrates the time and love that goes into his glass-etching pieces, which showcase his Latin-American heritage. The Live in Color Dance Company provides a place where dancers can perfect urban funk hip-hop choreography and form a lasting community. And a father and son show their work together in a light and sculpture exhibition connected by the theme of continuance.

Glass Memorials

Meet Dan Dunn, an artist that creates paintings with rapid strokes at a breathtaking speed. We visit “Magritte,” an exhibit highlighting Belgian surrealist René Magritte at The Museum of Modern Art. Glassblower Michelle Kaptur shares the emotion that goes into each of her creates titled “Soulbursts” and we visit the recently refurbished tapestry room in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.


Artist Erin Beckloff loves the tradition and history of letterpress. At the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, artists can display monumental works that may not find a home anywhere else. Singer-songwriter Annie Lennox explores her life journey through an installation at the museum. Baltimore-based interdisciplinary artist Abraham Burickson is co-founder and artistic director of odyssey works, a cross-genre collaborative of artists. Leslie Greeneisen is a sculptor in the Detroit area who shares her passion with her community.

Groovy Beats

After 11 p.m. on the Las Vegas strip, musicians congregate at bar for an improvisational jam session like no other. The Harvard Art Museum officially re-opens and we're invited inside for a closer look. For the first time, Opera Colorado has commissioned the creation of a new opera, The Scarlet Letter, and we receive a behind the scenes look. And a painter who is also a criminal law attorney tells us how he balances his day job with his passion for painting.

Haitian Art

We visit The Korean American Youth Performing Artist, a non-profit group sparking excitement about the arts and Korean culture in a unique way. We explore The Milwaukee Art Museum, which houses one of the world’s foremost collections of the 20th Century Haitian Art. Meet Craig Mitchell Smith, an unconventional artist who is a self-taught glassmaker. And we join photographer Roy Inman on a photo shoot to see how he works with flash bulbs.

Hand Made

Meet the performers of the Boulder, Colorado Dance Company, Frequent Flyer Productions. We get a first-hand look at how Jason Wolff creates beautiful and functional hand-crafted pottery pieces. Designer Ann Williamson creates “wearable art,” from Japanese kimono silk and we visit “Barkitecture,” a competition that challenges top design firms to create artsy abodes for our four legged friends.

Hands That Create

Alaskan Tlingit artist Clarissa Rizal creates Chilkat weavings and button blankets highly regarded for their unique beauty and the stories they hold. We sit down with artist Chuck U who morphed his childhood dream of illustrating comic books into a successful career as a graphic designer. We visit Dayton artist Willis “Bing” Davis who is well known for his distinctive, mixed media work that pays tribute to his African-American heritage and culture. Lastly, we watch as artist Jera Rose Petal Lodge melds metal into wearable art.

Happy Uke

Get a look at the play Fear Up Harsh, which depicts some of the harsh realities a soldier must face when returning home from war. After Cincinnati artist Dawn B. Dyer retired she returned to her true passion of painting and found true inspiration in animals. Bettina Burr has found a new home for some of her family's collection that was stolen by the Nazis and scattered throughout the world. And Grammy-winning musician Daniel Ho shares his unique worldview and takes a refreshing approach to all aspects of his successful career.

Hard Work

Reporter Jared Bowen goes one-on-one with the director of Cirque du Soleil Amaluna, an acrobatic production that tells the story of a world made up of only women. Take a trip into the field on an outdoor lifestyle photo shoot with Reno, Nevada photographer Mike Okimoto. A musician in Tampa, Florida, uses radio waves and instruments to encourage social change. Everyone who makes their living in the fashion industry knows there’s more to the job than glamour. We go to Kansas City, Missouri, to see a prime example of hard work in the industry, designer Nataliya Meyer.


With bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drums, and keyboard, the five-piece Rock ‘n’ Roll band Silver creates catchy tunes that attract listeners across the country. Through his art, ceramic sculptor Jef Raasch provides an opportunity for viewers to interact with the natural world. Based in Bay View, Wisconsin the artist intertwines the human and animal form to make fascinating sculptures. The Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida highlights the history and artwork of the American studio glass movement. With over 500 pieces of glass on display, museumgoers experience this art form in its entirety. Darren Kramer is a Jazz expert who understands the different elements of music. In this segment, Kramer delves deep into the sounds of Jazz and shows us how to listen to a song.

Healing Arts

Experience the healing power of art with Artisan Mind, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia through art. We go inside artist Colleen McCulla’s studio and see how collage making has opened up her life. Fiber artist Inna Schoeler shows off her wearable art that is inspired by nature and design. And photographer James Meyer captures pictures of the beauty of Wisconsin that often goes unnoticed.