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Helping Hands

The profile introduces us to Amy Sherald, an award-winning portrait painter who shot to international fame when she won the commission to paint the portrait of Former First Lady, Michelle Obama. A day-habilitation program for people with disabilities in Rochester, NY that focuses on the arts. Carl Goines is a skilled craftsman and figurative sculptor who also is the creative director for 555 Arts, an arts organization that is renovating an art space on the Eastside of Detroit. From filmmaker Tommy Shimanek a look at Abel Alejandre who learned early the importance of allowing himself creative freedom and personal perspective he shares his thoughts with young artists attending Fullerton College.


For local art group the big picture Denver, the street is their canvas. Using the age-old technique of Wheatpasting, they enliven the streets of Denver, Colorado with powerful photographs. Every summer, the Museum of Wisconsin Art welcomes the community to their annual art and chalk fest. Both local and nationally renowned chalk artists gather together and create a variety of colorful works. In this segment, we check out the Francis Wilson playhouse, a community theater that brings famous Broadway productions to Clearwater, Florida. Brooke Smart has illustrated 50 leading women from Utah history, in preparation for the 150th anniversary of Utah being the first place and American woman voted. Learn about this remarkable artist and the process of bringing these 50 women to life.

Hidden Gems

Ice can come in many different shapes and sizes. Just ask Charles Jones, the owner of the Ice Man. Based in Hudson Falls, New York, Jones and his team of artists create memorable ice sculptures. Detroit vineyards is redefining what a typical vineyard and winery looks like. Located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Vineyards is making and supplying wines in a city environment. Sign painter and shop owner Derek McDonald focuses on vintage design. Based in Reno, Nevada, the artist chooses to work in the traditional sign painting technique, forgoing the computer for paint, brushes, and pencils. Artist Randi Channel makes unique porcelain ball-jointed dolls. Each doll is its own special work of art. We head to Clintonville, Ohio to learn more about her creative process.

Historic Murals

We take a look behind the curtain at the Arizona Opera Costume shop, where we meet shop manager Kathleen Trott, who guides us through the costume creation process. We see how The Walldogs movement of sign painters and muralists revitalize towns. We visit The Guggenheim Museum and go inside the “Italian Futurism, 1909-1944: Reconstructing the Universe” exhibit. And musician Matt Saunders combines Celtic music with the electronic dance genre, creating music that is loved by a variety of audiences.

Holiday Cheer

Take a look as the Kansas City Ballet mount their production of The Nutcracker. From costumes to lighting the sets to opening night. Erin Simmons shares the practices of the traditional art of blacksmithing. We visit artist Philip Worthington’s newest exhibit where graphic design combines with technology to make shadow monsters. And we visit an exhibit showcasing the enormous art collection amassed by Ruth and Marvin Sackner.

Holiday Gala

In this edition of Art Connection, we meet the faculty and students of the Festival of Fine Arts as they prepare for the perfect concert to celebrate the holidays. We go behind the scenes with Kansas City Ballet's Artistic Director as the troupe prepare to put on the holiday favorite, the Nutcracker. We meet a Sacramento artist who is creating sweet designs from clay. And we meet a photographer who hand etches all of her images with a needle to create depth.


We get an inside look at Milwaukee’s “Present Music,” an ensemble devoted to commissioning, creating, and recording contemporary music. We talk with dancer Sheri “Sparkle” Williams who has danced with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company for 40 years. We get a look inside the strong, charming, creative, and courageous soul that was artist Maria Lowenstein. And we visit artist Harumi Abe, who is working in South Florida as part of the AIRIE (Artist In Residence in the Everglades) program.


Critically-acclaimed artist Ai Weiwei visted the Newseum in Washington, D.C., to discuss artistic freedom of speech and his new documentary on the global refugee crisis, Human Flow. Jamie Hevener of Hilliard, Ohio believes "sewing is growing." She takes her craft – namely her sewing cart – on the road to remind us that some skills can last us a lifetime. In April 2017 Harold Holden became the first Oklahoma artist to be inducted into the Hall of Great Westerners at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. We watch him work on his art in his private studio in Enid. From France, a violin worthy of a concert stage created by a 3-D printer… 3Dvarius.

Human Bond

We visit the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas where a unique exhibit is sparking curiosity and encouraging interaction with art. The Museum of Jewish Heritage reveals their core exhibit that gives insight into the lives and talents of Jews living in Nazi concentration camps. Sculptural landscape artist, Adam Kuby, brings a touch of natural to his urban art pieces and artist Jeff Suntala shares why he loves to create art without a computer.


Artist Cora Marshall focuses her work on issues of identity, history and community with her colorful portrait paintings that she creates in her home studio in Gulfport, Florida. For almost 70 years, the Wisconsin Philharmonic has provided cultural and educational experiences to Wisconsin audiences through music. In this segment, audiences experience how "music paints a picture. Mass media has often portrayed Native Americans as sidekicks or villains, and comic books are no exception. Lee Francis helps launch INC Comics, the first all-Native comic book publishing company. The Eustis Mansion in Milton, MA was constructed in 1870s. More than 18-thousand square feet, it sits atop 80 rolling acres. And thanks to Historic New England, it recently opened to the public as a new museum.


A platypus meets an overhead projector, and mayhem ensues. We shine light on General Electric's advertising plan to convince the country to give the light bulbs a try. We visit metal sculptor and painter Bill Reid and take a look at his moveable, whimsical art that delights. And we talk with Steve Piscitelli, a sculptor and Vietnam veteran, about how his art helps him heal emotionally from the images of combat.

Images of Life

See a living history art project that pays tribute to African American veterans with first-hand narratives of World War II. We sit down with Suzanne Heintz and get an inside look at her photography as she creates Kodak moments with her manufactured-mannequin family. Travel to Tampa, FL. for the annual Conga Caliente festival that invites the community to experience the art and music of Latino culture. And we talk to artists Katha Seidman and Laurie Kaplowitz, the creators of “Once There Was a House.” An art installation in Cohasset, MA. inspired by the destruction of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.


With charcoal in hand, 84 year-old Jim Seigler looks back at a long and magical career designing prints for the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Choreographer Mark Morris discusses his landmark work "L'Allegro, il Penseroso, ed il Moderato." Sculptor Mark Rice uses power tools to sculpt his distinctive wooden statues and with such finesse, we had to take a closer look. And we sit down with experts at Ohio's Canton Museum of Art as they take a look at the long and profitable history of art counterfeiting.


We head to Denver, Colorado to check out Kaleidoscape, an immersive, multimedia installation that brings passengers on an exciting adventure. We learn about sheet music and its fascinating history. With professor Daniel Goldmark as our guide, we look at sheet music cover art and discover more about the popular music industry. Rachelle Eason is excited about art and all that you can do with it. Based in Lakeland, Florida, the artist explores all kinds of mediums and methods in her work. In Houston, Texas, we tour an exhibition focused on the life of Alexander Hamilton. Full of remarkable historical objects and pictures, the exhibit provides a glimpse at one of the most important figures in united states history.


In this episode, we tour an exhibition of celebrated Tarpon Springs painter, George Inness, Jr. We visit Ten Chimneys historic summer home of Broadway acting legends Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. Poet, author, screenwriter, and educator Terry O’Neal shares her heart and soul with the world, so with every word, she hopes to encourage others. And The Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center hosts cutting edge arts, artists and performances.


Founded in 1954, the Sacramento Ballet in California has made a lasting impact on the world of dance. We get a behind the scenes look at how a ballet is choreographed for the stage. Scratchboard Art dates back to the 19th century. A form of direct engraving, the artist creates by scratching through a surface coated with black ink to reveal a layer of white below. Based in Reno, Nevada, American Duchess is a company that creates historically accurate shoes. From the 1700s to the 1940s, a multitude of past styles and designs come to life in the modern day. We travel to Tampa, Florida to meet Adam Goldberg, a pet photographer. With his camera, he takes adorable photographs of animals and encourages pet rescue and adoption.

In Another's Shoes

Identical twin brothers Eric and Anthony McGriff discuss their musical influences, their compositions and how they are helping their community with their music. We take a private tour of the late Laureen Landau’s studio with curator D. Neath. Animator David Tart gives us some tips and tricks on how to bring an animated character to life and we take a look at Christopher Steele’s extensive penny scale collection.


We visit artist Barbara Sorensen whose main artistic focus is the relationship between humans, nature, and the growth that happens within ourselves and in the world around us. We explore over sixty years of Jewish influence in rock and roll music at the “Jew Who Rock” exhibit. Iraqi-born poet, Dunya Mikhail discusses how her past and new life in America has impacted her work and a daytime super couple recast themselves as authors.


In Tampa, Florida photographers Matt Larson and Rebecca Sexton Larson don’t operate your typical gallery space. Rather, they offer workshops, create art, and inspire others in a 23-foot airstream travel trailer. We travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to witness a sacred artistic tradition. For a week, Tibetan monks ceremoniously constructed and dismantled a sand mandala in city hall. Embracing her culture and heritage, artist Chela Lujan practices the art of beadwork. We head to La Junta, Colorado to see how she makes meaningful pieces of jewelry with beads. From a very young age, Yvette walker Dalton from Dayton, Ohio has been an artist. We hear about her time in the art world, her long and significant career, and how her art continues to thrive in her retirement.


Find out how artist Steven Spathelf made it his mission to add color to the town of Dunedin, Florida through public murals. Jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis Jr. and his six sons are regarded by many as New Orleans’ first family of jazz. In 2011 they were named the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters, Ellis Marsalis spoke with us. The corset has a long history. Designer Larissa Boiwka has made it her business to bring this stiff undergarment out from under the shadows of confinement and give it a chance to sparkle on the outside. A young boy’s endless interest in collecting objects of art blossomed into a full-time obsession with sharing art with as many people and in as many places as possible. Kim Martindale and the LA Art show.