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Past Episodes

Inner Creativity

Fashion designer Christian Micheal Shuster draws inspiration from military history, sometimes even from the battlefield itself. We sit down with Marie Romero Cash as she expands on traditional Hispanic arts in New Mexico. We go inside some classrooms in Cleveland, Ohio where teachers have added a fourth “R” to the traditional curriculum of reading, writing and arithmetic. The Rumba! And Eddie Osborne delivers lectures on African Linguistic Retention and composes music using his own handcrafted African instruments. 


In Colorado Springs, Colorado One comes across an English Tudor-style castle called Glen Eyrie. Built in the early 1870s, the estate is rich with history, architectural splendor, and archaeological discovery. We visit the Cleveland Museum of Art to learn more about contact sheets. An important component of 20th century photography, these sheets display all images from a roll of film and allow a glimpse into the artist’s method. Artist Teresa Melendez practices the art of Native American beadwork. Since the age of 15, she has been creating eye-catching designs full of color and creativity. We meet the creative team behind Rebel Nell, a social enterprise based in Detroit, Michigan that designs one-of-a-kind graffiti jewelry.


Meet Melissa Janda whose has a passion for glass and painting have lead to a true love of glass artistry. We discover how an artist creates her own little worlds within our own. We take a tour of the Atwater Brewery in Detroit, Michigan and learn how endless the possibilities of a good brew really are and we watch performance painter, Brian Olsen, use his fingers, arms and elbows to bring portraits to life right before our eyes.

Inspiration from the Past

We travel to Tampa Bay, Florida to learn more about a singular type of pottery made in prehistoric times. Through this art, we are able to gain an understanding of a past culture. We sit in on a music therapy session and find out how this universal language helps the human mind and spirit. Colorado-based artist Scott Hildebrandt, aka Mister Christmas, builds magical, miniature worlds. In repurposing vintage and antique items, he creates playful, special scenes on a very small scale. In Norfolk, Virginia, artist Spencer Tinkham sculpts wood. With an appreciation for biodiversity and the environment, he carves natural materials into an array of animals.

Inspirations from the Past

Gary Hovey didn’t let life’s hardships get in the way of his true passion, welding. He takes everyday kitchen utensils and creates fascinating sculptures based on the things he enjoys most: wildlife, welding, and humor. Gadu Doushin moved from his native Japan to study engineering at the University of Minnesota in the early 1990s. But his true passion was dance. He now performs Butoh, a Japanese performance art born in the 1950s.  Andrea Durfee is a watercolor artist based in Rochester, NY. She incorporates figures in her landscapes and channels stories of mythology as her inspiration. Lastly, we visit a mathematical optical illusion artist.


The Heckscher Museum of Art is a Long Island gem. The institution showcases an extraordinary work by dada artist George Grosz and its annual 'Long Island's Best Young Artists' exhibit. John F. Emery draws his inspiration from his childhood, where exploring his grandparents long forgotten trunks inspired a passion for creating watercolor on three-dimensional formed paper. In a collaborative space in downtown San Antonio, musicians, producers and music entrepreneurs are gathering to build the San Antonio music scene. Although milliner Karen Morris uses the motto “simple is good” to guide her work, the making of her hats is anything but. 

Inspired Drive

The Nevada Ballet Theatre gives us a sneak peek at their "studio series," where the audience can interact with the dancers themselves. Meet August Powers, a copper sculptor from the Florida Keys who combines fire and metal to create sculptures inspired by the wilderness that surrounds him. Writer and filmmaker, Mark Bailey, shares true tales of celebrity hijinks, Hollywood history, and movie-star mayhem. And season two Project Runway winner, Chloe Dao, discusses the art of her designs and what it takes to put together a fashion show.

Inspiring and Healing

College sweethearts John and Marcia Koverman are passionate about the arts. Learn how veterans, their loved ones, and volunteers create art out of military uniforms through a lengthy but therapeutic process made possible by Combat Paper Nevada. Wildwood School located in Schenectady, New York, provides education for students with complex learning disabilities. Lastly, we go to Utah where Repertory Dance Theatre inspires and encourages students to learn about the benefits and history of dance.

Inspiring Moments

We sit down with a band who is thriving in the Cuban Music scene, with a style that has a west coast flair. Meet artist Jeremy Johnson who uses remains from humane sources, to explore the natural world with techniques of taxidermy. Visit a one-night experimental art event on Historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah. Students from Weber State University created sculptures which incorporated light as a central design element. Also, over the span of her lifetime, Maya Angelou inspired others to think about and share their stories and history. In that same spirit, literary organizations Gemini Ink and Second Verse are working with local students to learn life lessons from poetry.

Instruments of Art

Painter Robert Freeman’s newest body of work takes us to the colorful parades of the Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans. As he’s done for decades in front of a canvas, he lets the brush guide him.  African textiles and natural fabrics are the inspiration for Dayton, Ohio, fiber artist Frances M. Turner, who makes dolls entirely from scratch, crafting everything from the hats on their heads to the shoes on their feet. The tools of a musical trade… the instrument… sharing and exploring the remarkable variety of makers, their means, apparatus and innovations across the world of sound. The Museum of Making Music. How NASA's Johnson Space Center influenced the stained-glass windows at a local church.


This week, we talk with The Heart Gallery of America about how their use of evocative photos helps with adoptions. We meet an Arizona Recycle artist who is helping his community while turning tin cans into art. We visit the K12 Gallery & TEJAS, an artist studio that encourages community involvement and we see a man build a sculptor from twigs.

In the Moment

We visit an inspiring eco-friendly artist. Brent Naughton is a painter whose goal is to evoke memories of sports seasons past and celebrate the greatness of sports legends of every era. William Souder is a renowned writer, whose biography of John James Audubon, Under a Wild Sky, was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. His biography of John Steinbeck expected to be published in 2019. MOMENTS was a one-night experimental art event on historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah. The event showcased many temporary art pieces activating traditional and nontraditional areas.



The Tintabulations is a hand-bell ensemble with a set list as varied as you could imagine, keeping audiences entranced with sound and style. Get a look into The Cape Playhouse where we go behind the scenes to experience the production of Cabaret. The Pop Up Art Studio “Artspace” is providing artist in Louisiana with a place to do business, get exposure and meet local art enthusiast. And we visit The Jewish Ensemble Theatre where their new production is breaking down barriers.

Jail Guitar Doors

A tough time behind bars inspired musician Wayne Kramer to offer inmates guitars to help them pick up the pieces of their broken lives with the program "Jail Guitar Doors." Dancers at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center, express their thoughts of Dance and what it means to them. Doll artist Amber Groome takes us along on her journey of creation. And we visit Bush-Holley House in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Jam Session

We explore the 125-year-old Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California. Feast our eyes on the stunning gowns and furnishings of designer Charles James. We learn that behind every good guitar player is a skilled craftsman and we touch down in Miami, Florida, where one Brazilian transplant is shaking things up.

Jazz Scale

Meet artist Dan Bentley, who has a deep appreciation for product design and a unique way of breathing new life into household items. We meet internationally recognized Jazz pianist, Khalid Moss, who has played along some of the finest jazz musicians in history. A lifetime of real world experience take shape each day in cartoonist Mike Peters’ editorials. And we explore a website that is helping to streamline fashion design.

Jerri Cans

John King works as a reenactor out of the blacksmith shop at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, where he makes the most common tasks into works of art. A Houston designer makes a statement at New York Fashion Week. Artist Erin Currier searches for spiritual iconography in everyday life. And learn how photojournalist Laura Watilo Blake is advocating change for clean water in Uganda.


The musical as one tells the story of those who constructed this extraordinary railroad that linked the east and the west. In this segment, we go behind the scenes and see how this musical came to be. For the artist Scott Boris, wood is his medium of choice. With a lathe and a desire to create, he takes chunks of wood and spins, cuts, and sands them until they are unique wooden bowls. In St. Petersburg, Florida, Esteban Valdez owns Echo Bridge Pictures, an animation production company. We hear about his artistic journey and this creative field. Visual art, puppetry, set design, and performance…in this segment, we meet a hybrid theatre artist who uses her intuition and imagination to make memorable works of art.

Keeping the Arts Alive

The wildly popular "Stitching History from the Holocaust" exhibition has returned to the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. One incredible piece of art goes on a remarkable journey to its new home in Texas. Most authors aspire to have their words leap off the page. Keith Allen of northeast Ohio aspires to have his images and words "pop" off the page. A local theater program in Sacramento, CA challenges kids to grow.

Kokeshi Dolls

Artist Craig Galentine puts an American spin on the classic eastern art form of Kokeshi dolls. The Russian Nutcracker ballet is traveling to more than one hundred American cities allowing young ballet students to perform and learn alongside them. We visit and exhibit that simulates what life is like in the USA for undocumented immigrants. And we take a look at the American opera, Elmer Gantry.