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Part 1: Whom Do We Serve and What Do They Need to Do?

This Informational Booklet provides a comprehensive overview of whom we serve and how our budget and services are structured and prioritized to meet their needs.  Please take some time to review the information and identify the audience and aspects of the budget relevant to your constituency.  Note any questions you have regarding projects, services or spending.

This Annual Local Content and Services Report to the Community highlights significant contributions and some of UETN’s major accomplishments that benefited students and educators in Utah during the past year. It showcases the variety of technology-related projects and partners that UETN leads and supports to keep Utah competitive for decades to come.

UETN was officially established (as UEN) by legislative action in 1989, but has roots in educational television from the 1950s.  Take a quick look at this timeline and video interviews with past directors to get a sense of where we’ve come from.