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Part 5: How do we organize? (Internal Structure)

Administration includes executive leadership, coordinators state and federal programs, and staff shared with PBS Utah and the University of Utah IT for finance, accounting and human resources.

The Public Information department serves all areas of UETN and reports to top administration.

In addition to administration and internal services, UETN has two primary divisions:

Technical Services – includes network operations, security, project management and network application and engineering; internal system administration and staff computing support; software development and management of special projects;  distance education delivery systems such as IVC with engineering staff to design and operate the infrastructure and others who provide help desk service, user training and event scheduling.

Instructional Services – includes support, services and content delivered through the network and distance education systems, as well as broadcast television infrastructure and outreach.  This division engages in implementing and supporting a variety of media and web-based projects and services such as a statewide learning management system, web conferencing, information databases and video content, web-based tools for teachers and more.  TV programming and video production staff support both broadcast and online content.  Professional Development provides teachers with strategies to use UETN’s resources and the technology skills to make their instruction engaging and boost student achievement.

Please review the following organization charts for a comprehensive overview of the organization:

A. Administration
B. Technical Services
C. Instructional Services