Ceremonies: A Tale of Sister Cities

Created by the Center for Documentary Expression and Art (CDEA), Ceremonies: A Tale of Sister Cities is a multi-media exhibit that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Sister City relationship between Salt Lake City, Utah and Matsumoto, Japan. This curriculum guide was developed by four Salt Lake City School District educators (Brenda Bates, Joyce Kelen, Sharon Nagata and Dessie Olson) and made possible with the funding provided by the Salt Lake Education Foundation. The curriculum guide is for grades four through twelve and it can be used independently, or to accompany the traveling exhibit created by CDEA.

The purpose of the curriculum guide is to help us understand the historic framework out of which this Sister City relationship emerged and to explore the development over time of commitments to build and sustain positive cross-cultural connections which are now the hallmark of our lives. This exhibit and accompanying curriculum guide helps us understand American History in the post World War II period and the efforts of American leaders like President Dwight D. Eisenhower to encourage communities and citizens to become agents of building a safer and more generous world community. The curriculum helps us comprehend how cross-cultural communication developed lasting friendships between Matsumoto and Salt Lake City residents and strengthened an appreciation for each culture.

This curriculum guide, comprised of 17 separate lessons with many activities and additional extensions included, encourages students to examine the relationship between the federal government and the people of Utah; the diverse nature of Utah’s people and cultures; and the impact of global events on Utah’s history. Students will be able to recognize what factors contribute to create and transform culture and what makes human populations different.

The curriculum guide also addresses conflict resolution and help students understand the responsibilities of citizens to assess methods for respectively dealing with differences.

This curriculum guide connects to four social studies standards, which aim to help students grasp that we are all globally interconnected, that we have rights and responsibilities, that continuity and change over time are a part of life, and that we create systems of power, authority, and governance.

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