C-Forum - January 2010

January 8, 2010
Host: UEN
U of U Campus
Milton Bennion Hall – MBH 202 (Map)(Map with construction detour)


Station and Room #
#1 Rm. 212
MP3 players and Free Audio Books
Visit the links for MP3 players and look at some of the features. Explore the MP3 Player available and try it out. Especially look at the Audio Books available through the Utah Public Library System: Netlibrary and Overdrive.
#2 Rm. 212
GPS Units
Visit the Geocaching.com website to learn a little about some of the ideas of what people do with GPS Units. Also, use the GPS unit and the location marked in it to find the GeoCache placed outside.
#3 Rm. 212
iPod Touch
Visit the Apple Store in iTunes and look at Applications. You can look at the free resources, and Educational Applications to get a feel for what you can do with the iPod touch.
Check out the apps on the iPod touch. Explore the iPod touch available and look at the apps.
#4 Rm. 212
Flip Video
Use the Flip Video to record a video. Plug it into the computer and transfer the video to the computer.
#5 Rm. 212
LiveScribe Pen

Visit the LiveScribe Website to see some details about the pen, test out the live version of it, or visit the NY Times, David Pogue review of the pen.
#6 Room 202

Use the scanner to scan the photo and the document. Save the photo as a .jpg and the document as a .pdf
#7 Room 202
Interactive Whiteboards: Smart

Visit the Word Family Sort page. Do the activity with your group. Use the pens to annotate a portion of the screen. Explore the other features such as recording, keyboard, and right clicking.
#8 Room 202
Ereaders: Amazon's Kindle
And Sony Reader
Review the information about the Kindle. Also visit the Kindle Books area of Amazon.com. To see the free books pick a genre of interest and sort the results by cost low to high. Please look for other devices that support the Kindle format. Please take a moment to compare the Kindle reader to the Sony Reader. (There's a PC World article on the Sony site that provides a great comparison) Barnes and Noble also has the Nook.
#9 Room 202
Document and Web Cameras
Use the Document Camera and the provided software to create a short video. Also explore the features such as annotating, zooming, and anything else you notice.
#10 Room 202
Interactive Whiteboards: Promethean
Open the promethean software and try out the flipchart software. Also, visit the site to see what resources are available for use with the Promethean brand Interactive White Boards.


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