March 25, 2011

Host: Nebo School District - Bring your own device!
Nebo District Office Boardroom
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UTIPS - Nate Ober
Extended Introductions
We went around the room and participants shared what they are doing in their region / districts. Cory Little asked people to include info about Google apps, course management system, Facebook, YouTube and teacher web sites. Below are some of the details Karen captured - but she definitely did not get everything. Please feel free to edit and add.

CUES - Cal Hales
Some of the districts in his region allow teachers access to Facebook. Most don't allow students at all. Piute SD received a superintendent grant - all Piute High 9th graders (28 students) will get an iPad. Training will be provided, but most of the of the details are in flux. CUES is using Joomla for their web page and some of the districts are as well. Teachers are expected to use my.uen as their web page.

SESC - Derald Kurtz (Carbon and Emery) and Theresa (Grand and San Juan)
Carbon SD went to gmail a year ago and unfortunately there wasn't enough training so teachers are utilizing it to it's potential. San Juan SD is going to start using Google Docs. Some of Math and auto shop classes in San Juan are using SMART Bridgit Conferencing Software. Principals are completing teacher evaluations on their iPads. Josh Decker created a form for them. If you are interested in this form you can contact Josh -

Salt Lake - John Kelly and Leslie Lewis
Salt Lake SD opened up Google docs and Facebook for teachers. Last year they opened up YouTube for those teachers who attend a training. One of the middle schools received a large grant and they purchased netbooks. Salt Lake is using Pearson so they won't be using Canvas.

Alpine SD - Cody Spendlove
They've been trying to move to gmail for two years ... should happen next year. Alpine just implemented Skyward - student system. It has an assessment engine. Bonnie Anderson uses Moodle and likes it a lot. The district put in 13 Interactive Video systems since they lost a lot of teachers last year. This allows students to take a class that is no longer available at their school. 2 of the schools got grants for iPads / iTouchs.

Jordan SD - Nancy Lagerberg
She is gathering resources for the Common Core. 3 teachers from Bingham are trying to find out what the cost saving would be if they did everything electronically. One is using netbooks, one is using iPads and the third is using laptops. This is not a scientific study - they are just curious. Teachers at Kauri Sue Hamilton School are using iPads with their special needs students. It is work well. Some of the schools in Jordan are using Google Apps.

Davis SD - Carol Nef and Trisha Syversen
Carol spends a lot of her time on a 1 to 1 project with 2 elem schools (3 -6 grades) and 1 Jr. high wi/ 14 classes. They are currently using a Dell netbook - but investigating the Intel tablet. There are a lot of pedagogical challenges and network issues with this project. Davis is using Google Apps. Students have gmail and teachers are still on Exchange. Trisha facilitates writing online curriculum They use PDPro in Blackboard. Currently they don't have a Facebook policy - but it is coming. Facebook is accessible, but it's filtered. YouTube is accessible to teachers via my.DSD.

Martha Crook - Formerly with Park City SD, now at CIM Technology Solutions
Park City loves CANVAS and will continue to use it. Martha is doing a lot of work with teachers to use collaboration tools that CIM provides.

Canyons SD - Colleen Bliss
Canyons is building a data dashboard so that teachers can see precisely how their students are performing. They are starting a Facebook pilot project - opening it up to a few schools. At the elementary level they will create a Facebook Fan page to use as a class web site.

Nebo School District - Pam Turley, Cory Little

Dang Good Lunch (See photos at the bottom of the page.)

UCET - Pam

UEN - Karen

USOE - Rick and Alan

NEAT and Standards Tool - John Allan

C-Forumer of the year

Schedule for next year - Cory Little will send it out via the mailing list.

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