October 7, 2011-Provo

Provo School District

Date and Time:
October 7, 2010
9:00 AM

Provo District Office Professional Development Center

8:30 AM - Continental Breakfast

9:00 - Welcome and Introductions - Kim Broadbent
At the bottom of this page you will see some disjointed and incomplete notes on this discussion.

9:20 - UTIPS Core System Overview - Julie Quinn

10:20 - Break

10:40 - NetSafe Utah Project - Rick Cline

11:00 - UEN Updates - Karen Krier and Laura Hunter

11:30 - iPad Doc Camera Solutions - Jared Orton

11:45 - Lunch

1:00 - UCET Update - Pam Turley

Other stuff:
Theresa Wilson:
1:20 - Carpool to BYU - Laura Hunter (Thanks for arranging this for us!)

1:30 - Tour of the new BYU Broadcasting Building

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Disjointed and incomplete notes from Introduction.
Provo - Kim:
Excited about the use of iPads in the schools
Cool thing figured out how to save your apps in folders

Canyons - Robert:
Excited to use more GIS in secondary schools.

CUES - Cal
Excited that the region is allowing YouTube, WIKIS and blogs

Alpine - Bonnie
They are doing a lot of IVC conferencing between the high schools
Cool: iPads being used in Special Ed
Concern: not enough student access to computers.

UEN - Laura
Excited / Cool Canvas course management system
Concern - funding.

Davis - Paul
Creating instructions so that teachers use fillable forms in a paperless environment

UEN - Mitchell
Canvas and Google Apps

Canyons - Kelly
Concern student access to computers

UEN - Tim
Excited to learn that more teachers are giving students the option to use technology for assignments

UEN - Mindy
Excited - Canvas course management system

UEN - Jared
Excited / concerned about being UCET president

USDB - Denise
Excited about using iPads with students
Concern she is the only tech integration person left at the USDB.

Davis - Carol Nef
Over the 1 to 1 computer initiative.
More teachers using Canvas in a blended learning environment

Davis - Cathy
Cool using her iPad
Concern moving from Novel to Microsoft

Nebo - Cory
Using Google apps for education with students
Concern - online courses are taking up a lot of his time.

Nebo - Jared
A lot more computers, but no increase in support
Concern limited student access to computers

Park City - Michael Kisow
1 to 1 MacBooks for 6-9 grades
Every 6-12 student and course using Canvas in some way
Online learning with Utah Students Connects

NUES - Lorrie
Concern that she has to cover for Robert .... there is a lot driving
Excited b/d Go to Meeting and GoToWebinar is working well.
Wasatch District 1 to 1 with netbooks .... just for 5th grade

Salt Lake - Leslie
Excited that schools are using iPads.

Granite - Cherie Anderson
All elem. have 1 iPad carts... need to prove it's efficacy
Cool - a 6th grade showed how to bypass the filter to get to Facebook
Concern the new superintendent has a large focus on technology and she doesn't know how to get all of the PD down

Salt Lake - John
Northwest have a ton of iPads and iPods

SESC - Derald
Using Access and Excel in new ways.

SESC - Theresa
Excited how teachers are grasping data to inform their instruction and change their teaching. UTIPS is the number most used technology in the SESC region.
Concerned with the new UTIPS.

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