C-Forum - January 10, 2014

Host: Utah Education Network
Organizer: Justin Brooksby, justin@uen.org

Instructure Offices located at
6330 South 3000 East Suite #700
Salt Lake City, UT


I-215 EAST

Once you have located a parking spot on level 3 of the parking garage walk North towards the skybridge to access the building (6330). Once inside, walk right down the hallway to the elevators. Take the elevator to the 6th Floor. Exit elevator to your right, the meeting will be located through the door at the end of the hallway.

Guest Internet Access at Instructure
Network: Instructure Guest Password: instructurecom


Attend Via Adobe Connect

8:30 - 9:00

9:00 - 9:15
Welcome & Introductions
Justin Brooksby
9:15 - 10:45
Canvas and K12
10:45 - 11:15
SAGE Update
Julie Quinn
11:15 - 12:00
Rick Cline
12:00 - 1:00

1:00 - 2:00
LucidPress Culture Grams Activity
Mindy Hintze
2:00 - 2:30

Lucid Press/CultureGrams Activity

UCET Updates

Content/courses ready to go in Canvas?
UEN has about 30 courses already available in eMedia (NROC)
UEN will be building and hosting a website that will have modules, courses, and other educational artifacts available to you.
Contact Mindy at UEN if you need more information mindy@uen.org

USOE Update

1. CenturyLink 2013: Deadline is today, January 10, 2013

2. CenturyLink Grant Readers:

Wednesday, February, 5, 2014

CenturyLink Building

250 E 200 S

To signup go to: http://tinyurl.com/2014CenturyLink

3. State Board Rule R277-495: Required Policies for Electronic Devices in Public Schools

A copy of the proposed rule

http://goo.gl/x1hmiG (USOE)

The amended rule provides additional definitions and additional LEA policy requirements for student and employee use of LEA‐owned and privately‐owned electronic devices.

42 R277-495-2. Authority and Purpose. 43 A. This rule is authorized by Utah Constitution Article 44 X, Section 3 which vests general control and supervision of 45 public education in the Board, by 53A-1-401(3) which allows 46 the Board to adopt rules in accordance with its 47 responsibilities,andSection53A-11-901(2)(c)(i)directs the 48 State Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop a 49 conduct and discipline policy model for elementary and 50 secondary public schools, and 47 CFR, Part 54, Children’s 51 Internet Protection Act,which requires schools and libraries 52 that have computers with Internet access to certify they have 53 Internet safety policies and technology protection measures in 54 place in order to receive discounted internet access and 55 services. 56 B. The purpose of this rule is to direct all [public 57 school districts or public schools, including charter 58 schools,]LEAs or public schools to adopt policies, 59 individually or collectively as school districts or consortia 60 of charter schools, governing the possession and use of 61 electronic devices,both LEA-owned and privately-owned, while 62 on public school premises and,for LEA-owned devices,wherever63 the devices are used.

71 A. LEAs shall require all schools under their supervision

72 to have a policy or policies for students, employees and,

73 where appropriate, for invitees, governing the use of

74 electronic devices on school premises and at school sponsored

75 activities.

76 B. LEAs shall review policies regularly and approve

77 policies annually.

78 [B]C. [Local boards and charter governing boards]LEAs

79 shall encourage schools to involve teachers, parents,

80 students, school employees and community members in developing

81 local policies; school community councils could provide

82 helpful information and guidance within various school

83 communities and neighborhoods.

84 [C]D. [Local boards and charter governing boards]LEAs

85 shall provide copies of their policies or clear electronic

86 links to policies at LEA offices,in schools and on the LEA

87 website.

88 [D]E. [School districts]LEAs and schools within [school

89 districts]LEAs shall work together to ensure that all policies

90 within a school or school district are consistent and

91 understandable for parents.

92 F. LEAs shall provide reasonable public notice and at

93 least one public hearing or meeting to address a proposed or

94 revised Internet safety policy. LEAs shall retain 95 documentation of the policy review and adoption actions.

4. Governor’s FY 2015 Budget

a. No dedicated funding for technology

b. $100 per student WPU increase

c. UEN: about $500,000 for elementary infrastructure and salary retention

5. 2014 Utah Legislative Session

Grants for Digital Textbooks

Math Literacy - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Initiative

Student Technology Access
Stephenson, H.

6. myOn Books trial in the Pioneer Library

- includes the Capstone Digital Library (typical books found in the library, not textbooks. Best for elementary and middle school students)

- looking for schools/districts interested in a 2-3 month pilot of the full MyOn Reader program

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