January 9, 2015

Host: Utah Education Network
University Guest House & Conference Center
City Creek Conference Room
110 South Fort Douglas
Salt Lake City, UT 84113

Park on the west side of the building and use the Conference Center Entrance. A parking permit is not required even though the signs in the parking lot say it is. We have a moratorium on the lot so you do not need a parking pass.

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8:30 AM
9:00 AM
Introductions - New UEN instructors - Dani Sloan, Michael H. and Jared Fawson - Pat Lambrose - EdReady.org - NROC group - College readiness
9:10 AM
5 things you didn’t know about UEN and a couple you forgot - Rich Finlinson
9:40 AM
Gale Reference Collection (Using Kahoot ) - Justin Brooksby
10:20 AM
NetSafe Utah App - Katie Garrett
10:35 AM
UEN Announcements (NetSafe Grant) - Laura Hunter
10:40 AM
FNX and Preschool Pioneer - Lisa Cohne
Contact Lisa Cohne for more information, handouts, etc. lcohne@uen.org
10:50 AM
11:00 AM
Tiny Tap - Rob Bentley; Examples: A Game About Opposites, Kitchen Arithmetic, Multiplication Practice
12:00 PM
12:45 PM
UCET, UELMA Announcements
1:00 PM
Blended Learning - Michael Hakkarinen with Jared Ward “B.L.A.C.K. Training Series” and Canvas Course sharing
2:00 PM
USOE Announcements


Timeline for UEN history located here -

Rich Finlinson - Rich brought several artifacts to help us understand where and how UEN was born.
UEN Genesis - 1956 - Dr. Ray Olpin put together research about using Closed Circuit TV for education. He got $100,000.00.
KUED was built with used equipment from local TV stations. KUED started out in 1958. KUER Radio came on in 1961.
SETOC - State Educational Telecommunications Operation Central - SETOC, the first name for UEN, was doing experiments with microwave.
Steve Hess - First director of UEN.
Other Names EDNet, Utah Education Network - 1991 & 1992 - Started using UEN as their name.
1986 - KULC became Utah Learning Channel went on the air to broadcast exclusively for public education. It only broadcast 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.
Later it evolved and became UEN TV.
UEN in a Nutshell - Animated Video - (3.15 Minutes) - Explains UEN's purpose and activities.
UETN - This is the umbrella over UEN and UTN -
Utah Telehealth Network helps provide teleconferencing between people and clinicians in Utah and beyond. Telestroke - stroke symtoms - set of connections including telemetry to connect with a remote Dr.
1991 - 50 Educators were trained
1992 - ITV guide was 245 Pages
1997 - UtahLINK a top 10 project nationally
NetNews: 1997 - 1400 people on the mailing list
January 2015 - 34,000 educators on the mailing list, 5019 opened the email, 629 links were followed.
Just so we all know, Justin doesn't know what a cassette tape player is. And we entrust this man with leadership! Even more interesting, 4 year old Rick had a fondness for putting things, like keys, in electrical outlets. We are lucky he made it today.

Justin Brooksby - Gale Reference Collection - Kahoot is web-based - Not an app. We used two devices to play the Kahoot game that Justin invented.
The game was a vehicle for us to investigate the new Gale Reference Collection. It was great fun! Ogden Team (Go Ogden!) won some silly putty!

If you have a Kahoot account you can access Justin's Kahoot game. It would make a great template! Plus there are some great shots of Alexander Graham Bell!

Laura Hunter & Katie Garrett - NetSafe -
New Netsafe Video -
New Netsafe App -

Trainers Toolkit - $ is available
Become a trainer -
Conduct a Netsafe workshop between October, 2014 and the end of February 2015, to get money for your school or district.
Laura Hunter or Rob Bentley at UEN are contacts.

Lisa Cohne - FNX - First Nations Experience - About - Check out the videos including Shirlee Silversmith. Edward Gomez, "Most Indians are Dead." Edward talks about some of the misconceptions about Native Americans.

Lisa Cohne - PreSchool Pioneer - Now mirrored completely in Spanish. Please be sure to spread the word about PreSchool Pioneer. Talk to your Early Childhood, Kindergarten, special ed and K - 2 teachers. There is a calendar available each month. Includes resources for holidays, curriculum topics etc.
PreMedia - Netflix for young children -
PreMedia User Name: premedia
Password: learn1
Students are coming to school without the fine motor schools for writing. lcohne@uen.org
- contact her for more bookmarks and information on PreMedia and PreSchool Pioneer.

Rob Bentley - A new class at UEN about creating games and assessments. Tiny Tap is one of the apps they spotlight.
With Tiny Tap you can create games or digital books.
Dice Within Dice - Learning Resources -

Announcement - SLCSD hired a new Ed. Tech. Spec. - Alex Rowe - Yippee!

UCET - Leslie Lewis & Katie Blunt -

#utedchat Utah EdChats - 9:00 P.M. Wednesday nights - Dani K. Sloan - New Year's Resolutions for teachers was the topic for 1/8/15

Exciting News - 6/8 of our sought-after posters are ready for you to disperse.
Take what you need. We'll have more next month!
Thanks to Katie Blunt and Nathan Smith for the innovative concept, theme and amazing art work. And yes, we okayed everything with the state. No copyright violators are we.

Win prizes in our on-going Contest - Participate in our Pre-Conference Activity and win prizes!
Take a photo of yourself in well-known Utah locations showing off your “elevated” tech, then post your photo on your favorite social media sites with the hashtag: #techelevated and #ucet2015.
Conference - Registration to go live next week -

UELMA - Friday, March 20. - We are going to trade booths with them. We'll have one at UELMA and they'll have one at UCET.

USOE - Rick Gaisford -
Century Link Grant closed Jan. 2, 2015. There were 110 Grants submitted. There are fewer grant proposals this year. Century Grants doubled the the amount for which teachers can apply to $5,000.00.

Rick would really appreciate some volunteers to help with the grant reading process.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

8:00 am to 3:00 pm (maybe a little later)

CenturyLink Building: 250 E 200 S, Salt Lake City

Rick is buying lunch.

If you are willing to help out, please complete the following form at:


E - Rate
Informational webinar on the modernization of the E-Rate program recently approved by the FCC.

The Schools and Libraries Universal Service Program (aka E-rate) has just undergone the greatest transformation since it was originally authorized in 1996. These changes offer new opportunities previously unavailable to many E-rate eligible schools and libraries in Utah. Join us for an E-rate webinar session where we’ll discuss these changes, offer our perspective on new opportunities, and brainstorm with constituents on how to best take advantage of E-rate 2.0. Topics will include:

Sabrina Scott, Melinda Brereton and others from UEN will explain these changes and available resources.

You may attend this meeting in-person at USOE or online via Adobe Connect

Date: Thursday, January 22, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
USOE Studio (Basement Level)
250 E 500 S

Adobe Connect

If you plan to participate, please complete the RSVP form found here:

Digital Technology Teaching and Learning Bill - Stevenson and Gibson are sponsoring. No longer grant-based. It will be a formula funding. Districts who have a lot of capital outlay would not get as much money. There would be 91.5 Million dollars for schools with an additional 1.5 mil for UEN. The bill is moving in a good direction. Still have work to do.

TedXLive Event - Rachel Murphy - working on this. Looking for a large room. Auditorium for 100 people or so. Don't want it too big. Little Theatre?

Jared Ward - #wardjhs - edtech at Canyons - Founder of Flipping Utah.
Michael Hakkarinen - @edtechakk - Creator of the Jared Ward fan club - to join - tweet #wardjhs
Blended Learning - (addressing multiple learning styles - audio, kinetic, print, station-learning, hands-on, switching around when the content is delivered =do video at home assessment at school, optimize your face2face time, good learning can't happen without a good teacher in a classroom delivering in multiple literacies.) Onsite - brick and mortar, online and a combination thereof.
Jared and Michael used NearPod and Kahoot for their presentation.
Recommended Book - Essentials 4 Blended Learning - Jared Stein (Author), Charles R. Graham (Author)

Black Diamond Teachers -
Teachers using Canvas in really effective ways.
video - More information - Canyons Fast Track - Those of us outside of Canyons School District cannot join the course but we are welcome to use the resources.

There are two more Scheduled CForum meetings.

Provo City School District - February 6, 2015

Grandview Technology Center
1591 North Jordan Ave.
(Located on Grandview Hill in north Provo).
Please park on the south side of the smaller building and enter the south doors of that same building.

Alpine School District - March 6, 2015
Room #316 PDC

UCET April 2 & 3 2015 - Herriman High School

Notes by Leslie Lewis


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