October 2, 2015

Host: Utah Education Network
Organizer: Justin Brooksby, justin@uen.org
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Instructure Offices located at
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8:30 - 9:00 - Check in and breakfast
9:00 - 9:15 - Welcome and housekeeping - Justin, Regional Director K12
Justin Brooksby -
There has been a big uptake in Canvas usage across the state. Part of the reason for this meeting is to discuss this usage. Wow. Photo op with the Panda.

9:15 - 10:00 - Wondering about the future of education? - Hilary Scharton, Product Engagement
Hillary Scharton - The Future of Data and My Lifelong Love Affair with Data
Their goal - When districts roll out Canvas they spend a lot of time working to make sure faculty members are ready.
She was a school psychologist in an elementary school.
She has been with Canvas since Instructure Con 2012.
She is working on a new product involving data.
Hillary queries - Would it be beneficial to anyone to see student outcome progress outside of the course across multiple classes to determine how much progress has the kid made in science as a result of geometry class.
Hillary queries - Who is working towards Standards Based Training. UCT says she thinks that as teacher evaluations are being made more districts will be moving to Standards Based Training
Summary - time on task, outcomes, quiz data (What is CFAs?) (Common Formative Assessment)

10:00 - 10:30 - New UI and Features - Justin/Scott, Regional Directors K12
~ 15 people using the new user interface. Teachers are saying it is cleaner, easier to use. The toggle feature is obscured to some teachers. Robert Gordan - Student complained about old UI, Robert showed student the beta, Student was really positive about new UI.
Justine Brooksby has had no negative feeback.
New technology is a very responsive design. Canvas has the highest rated LMS app right now. Data says most students are logging onto Canvas with a MD.
It works well over all landscapes.

Justin from Canvas -
Turn new userface on - Right now is an option but it WILL be the new UI by fall 2016.
Student can customize course titles.
Toggle on and off activity feed.
You can brand your own Canvas interface - Settings - Open theme editor - change color scheme, navigation, logos, watermarks
Can you put a picture in the block rather than just a color. Next release of UI should have this ability. Teacher will set a course icon.
Rachel M. Mobile App - doesn't show what the student did incorrectly on the quiz. Students can see what they missed but not on the app.
These things not available for free for teachers.

Scott Ninahosa from Canvas - Computer programmer at Canvas for 3 years scott@instructure.com
Feature releases, cool updates -
- Canvas changes every 3 weeks or so - they usually release things in beta first.
3 New Things:
1. Differentiated Learning - for unique learning styles and preferences. Ability to individually assign to one person privately.
Order functionality in modules. Prerequisites and requirements can be implemented.
2. Commons - was in beta and has been released to everyone. Place to find and share content easily. (showed demonstration)
Function is constantly evolving. Pages, documents, quizzes - iterative approach - Scott encourages everyone to share their state-aligned content.
3. SIS integration - This is their focus to share everyone a lot of time. They have work to do on Aspire. Skyward integration in beta. Powerschool is in play.
Sam Thompson - Park City loves the integration that they are using with Powerschool although Powerschool is having its own issues (grade passback is live).
Clint Stephens - Millard is currently syncing but now they can grade passback.

Jared Ward - Canvas

10:30 - 10:45 - Break

10:45 - 12:00 Lightening Rounds - Demonstrations

12:00 - 1:00 Working Lunch and Updates + Tour + Photo-op with Panda
Brooksby - J.C. Penny joke

Justin Brooksby - UEN is happy to share their courses and their Canvas paid licenses. UEN is trying to get Canvas courses out to districts and provide resources.

Canvas Admin Groups - Administrative functions - More training for the new features is needed. There is an admin group for higher ed. They meet once per month. UEN is wondering if that would be a helpful group in K12. Alan Howard and Boman have the Utah accounts. Justin invites us to join the Canvas Community group. Then they can link different support and resources there. Especially for administrative side. UEN.org/lms 110,000 Canvas users in UTAH. 90% of those licenses are actually being used. 650,000 students in the state. So 1/6 of Utah students are using Canvas. A request was made - Can UEN can come out to schools on weekends, after school, holidays and early morning. (JK) Request at Justin@uen.org. or http://www.uen.org/development/request.php

!People are getting excited for SueCon - November 6 & 7 2015 !

1:00 - 2:00 Adoption/Roll Out Strategies - Mindy Hintze, Product Engagement - Mindy has been with Canvas for 11 months. She has held 4 positions.

What are some things we should think about?
What do we know works when it comes to an adoption? -
Universal Truths about technology adoption - Graphic - Technology Adoption Curve - Graphic Valley of Despair and Ascent of Pain
During the roll out process is where the naysayers are going to be strongest because it isn't as smooth as they wanted.
This class is about having teachers engaged in and doing Canvas rather than be lectured to. We can copy and use the course or parts of it as we wish.

2:00 - 2:30 Resources and Materials -

Instructure - Join the new community -


Hilary, Leslie Stark and Mindy Hintze

2:30 - End

2:30 - 3:00 - Optional Q&A (If you would like to stay, both Instructure and UEN will be available during this time.)

Rick says the Legislature doesn’t think that districts can do large scale deployments.
USOE is helping sponsor CoSyn certification. Logan guy (Dave) says policy from Washington is pushing on this particular certification. He says Utah is ahead because we already have 11 certified and more just took a test. Probably 8 more passed the test yesterday. The push for this certification is coming from the East Coast. Kelly Dumont will be leading the next cohort.

Senate bill 42 was substituted for SB22 which did not pass. UEN is part of the task force chaired by Dave Thomas, Laura Belnap, Mark Openshaw, (he was killed in a Plane crash) so Stan Lockhart substituted. Terry Shumacher, Ben Dalton, Brian Boles from Davis UETN Board Member Jim Langston reps Tech Directors Sen Howard Stevenson Rep. John Notwell Fred Donaldson, Nolan Karis rep Excellence in Education They have met 14 times since middle of June. USOE received 1 mil for task force UTEM received 4 million to figure out what schools need. They wanted a consultant to help write the master plan. Common Sense Education was selected. Led by Jeff Mau and Steve. They have been leaders in master plans in Maine.

How can we show success with Technology in schools. Cheryl Lysnski How to look at metrics of success for technology in education. After she presented, Sen Howard Stev was the first to applaud. They might call it Essential Elements. …The Future of Student Learning in Utah. The legislators want to know how are we going to know if it is increasing student learning. Richard Cullata & Mark Goldman talked to the task force or legislature. If teachers don’t know how to use the tech, the technology will NOT be successful. http://tech.ed.gov/richard-culatta/

An important part of the initiative plan is good communication. Skye – Walden University – phd program Hyper Cycle Logan guy (Dave)feels like he is on the campaign trail trying to get the community educated about the 1 – 1 deployment of the initiative. Some people in Logan are very resistant. Leadership has promised to collaborate on this - $70 Mil ongoing supposedly, LDA ?

Even if the bill passes, (some people with the initials LH for one, are hopeful), they don’t anticipate this being rolled out till fall of 2017. Policy makers have trouble understanding how much background work is involved. What we work on today and Rick et. Al work on this weekend will be presented next week. Sounds like there will be 3 versions by the time they get in front of Executive Appropriations in November. Then they work with legislators prior to the Legislative session in Jan. The bill needs to be ready by the first of December. They want to implement via rule instead of via legislation. The bill should only be about 4 or 5 pages long. You can change the rules but you can’t change legislation.

UCET Tech Madness Infographic -
UCET16 (1).png
Notes by MzLoo and Justin Brooksby

  • Take exit 6 for 6200 S
  • Keep left at the fork, follow signs for East
  • Turn left onto 6200 S stay in far right lane
  • Stay right and turn onto 3000 E
  • Take first immediate right into OldMill Complex
  • Stay right, then turn left to enter parking garage level 3
  • Find a parking spot
I-215 EAST
  • Take exit 6 for UT-190 E towards 3000 E
  • Follow signs for 6200 S staying right
  • Turn right onto 6200 S
  • Stay right following the curve onto 3000 E
  • Take first immediate right into OldMill Complex
  • Stay right, then turn left to enter parking garage level 3
  • Find a parking spot
Once you have located a parking spot on level 3 of the parking garage walk North towards the skybridge to access the building (6330). Once inside, walk right down the hallway to the elevators. Take the elevator to the 6th Floor. Exit elevator to your right, the meeting will be located through the door at the end of the hallway.



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