February 3, 2017

"What's Working and What Could be Working Better"


Host: Washington County School District
Organizer: Charlie Roberts email: charlie.roberts@washk12.org
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Location: Old Woodward School Building, 15 W 100 S (just west of the Tabernacle), St. George, UT
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Parking is located on the east side of the Woodward, along the street, and to the west of the District Office building which is the adjacent building to the west.

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8:30—Continental Breakfast: juice, milk, coffee, fruit and pastries

- Welcome: Asst. Superintendent Richard Holmes
- Introducing of the WCSD Digital Team, Brief Background and History of WCSD’s Technology Integration Efforts: Charlie Roberts, Technology Director

9:20—Utah State Board of Education News: Rick Gaisford and Sarah Young
9:40—Turning HB 277 into an Integrated, Strategic Plan: Tony Campbell

9:55—Break: Stand Up, Pair Up, Share Up

10:05—Utah State Board of Education and Assessment: Kim Rathke
10:25—Assessment and Data for Student Learning: Brad Ferguson
10:35—CyberCorps for Professional Learning Support: Cory Stokes

10:50—Break: Give one, Get One

11:00—The Key Roles of the Learning Coach: Robert Proffit
11:15—Tech Support Model for Just-in-Time Response: Tav Truman
11:30—An Integrated Approach to Professional Learning: Bob Sonju and Cheri Stevenson

11:45—Collaborative Lunch: Meet and Greet

12:15 — SEDC - Research 2 Write and Duplicati (Info & Downloads, install guide to come, SEDC Regional Security Recommendations): Chris Haught & Clint Stephens
12:30—Personalizing Instruction through Digital Content & an LMS: Robert Proffit
12:45—District Share Sessions:

1:45—OverDrive the Anywhere Library: Summer Cornelius

2:00—Chromebooks and Google Management: Jim Black

2:15—Digital Citizenship: What’s the Plan? Charlie Roberts


Richard Holmes - The historic Woodward School Building.Washington's IT dept. is the "best in the state!"Spend the weekend and enjoy!I count 39 people.
Charlie Roberts -Background - Charlie has been both a teacher and a library teacher.Charlie has endeavored to identify and work towards supplying teacher needs in technology.With Rick Gaisford's and UEN's help they have strived towards supplying professional development for teachers.They have ETIP program - started with 3 credit hours of PD in Summer and Fall. (Tony and Charlie are the only Ed. Tech. Specks in the district.)Now they have 9 courses in the core. They have gone with Future Ready. They try to get 50 people through the ETIP every year. They like to get into schools but the two of them service 3,000 Ts.Classcraft - focused around behavior - there is a free and a paid version. Teachers developed it and still run it. It uses majes. A mage is a magician?
Rick Gaisford -Charlie is retired, already bought a house in California 5 blocks from the beach.Charlie has been one of the advisors of the Digital Teaching and Learning Program.DT&LG - there was a bump in the allocations so districts & schools have had to alter their docs. Sarah Young has been up on the hill protecting our program. She is also sending out the award letters.There might be an article coming out in the Tribune soon.8 new members of the State School Bills - they are getting up to speed on the Ed. Bills.There is more ongoing money this year than there is one time money.We are trying to get some clarification.The programs have been approved for 3 years.For the grant there will need to be some budget reports and data from Sage.There will be another opening probably in April so that LEAs who did not apply earlier.Senate Bill I is the main budget bill.
Century Link T&TG - went from 6 in December - now they have 237 applications for the grant.We will be using Century Link's Online System for evaluation. Either 2/23 or 3/2.
Leadership in Blended & Digital Learning for Principals- PD for Administrators - Justin AndersonUEN contracted with Friday Institutes from NC. They have a training program for principals. Takes 5 - 6 months. (Dr. Marianne Wolfe is also involved.)It consists of online and F2F sessions. 5 F2F sessions of PD for principals.Davis School District & UEN & Regional Service trainers took the train the train training.Granite & Washington District have contacted UEN and want to start.They are building a Canvas course. Davis will be starting their principal training in March.They will be offering some kind of carrots to the principals who finish the program.
Our hope is to get the principals aware and capable of administrating and guiding these types of initiatives. This is a key element to make this Digital Teaching and Learning Grant effective.
Justin Anderson is planning for an open-ended cohort of principals. Also planning a one day course during the summer for Superintendents.
Justin is modifying the curriculum so that principals will be able to get SUU credit. Maybe 5 hours.

Tony Campbell discussesHB277 - There was a lot of good work there despite the disappointments. It gave us a solid Digital Teaching & Learning PLAN.Washington School District wants to make sure they get the students what they need. Tony's slide show.

10 Keys to Strategic Planning
  1. Communication Strategy
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Monitoring,
  4. Mission
  5. Vision - Enhance extend and deepen learning for ALL stakeholders. Be targeted. Engage students in the learning process. Their essential question. "When my students graduate from will they be prepared to?"
  6. Goals
  7. Integration
Educator Evaluation or EffectivenessWe don't want to see the technology as the other little piece. We need to connect it. Golfing Story. Increase the equity.Ensure high levels of learning for every student using PD and collaborative teams. We can't keep coming out to our people and saying, "Here's another thing for you to do".
Venn Diagram from Tony - Tony will share his link to the presentation.Year Defining and aligning.Sustain the plan.UTAH Teacher Observation tool - Personalized Learning - How will we collaborate outside of the school without digital tools?They used backwards design and Future Ready Resources and information.SAILBOAT CLASSROOMS - find the people who are ready and eager. Happy people make happy examples.Sailboat teachers - ready to sailTugboats - watch the sailboats then they tag along and move into sailboat areaAnchors - refuse and resist - sometimes parents and students motivate the teachers - outside influences , sometimes the Sailboat teachers.
Formative and Summitive Assessments for the State. Kim Rathke (Utah Compose & Test Admin), Jared Wright (ELA math), Teri Southam - Recording systems - UTIPs (Systems side)How can a T make adjustments while it is happening?
Sage's Independent assessment reports - helps teacher's use the data to inform the instruction. LOOK at these! Online reporting system - select class.If you were a UTips Administrator you need to email Teri so they can make you one again.All need to be on board - administrators, principals, teachers!Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.13.22 AM.pngAvoid the groundhog day effect!UTips Update
UTIPs finally got some $ to update. They are doing a giant content review. They don't want to break any teacher links.They will be scheduling training for the finished bank starting this fall. There will be lots and lots of training for teachers.Sage Formative is leaving us in June.
They will have to go through the RFP process again
Teri Southam

Teri Southam
Reporting Specialist
Phone: (801) 538-7949 | E-mail
Kim Rathke
Formative Assessment Specialist

Phone: (801) 538-7876 | E-mail
Jared Wright
ACT, Education Specialist, Elementary Mathematics
Phone: (801) 538-7871 | E-mail

Brad Ferguson - GVC - the absolute essential things that we need to teach excellently. Highly critical for students to learn in order for students to be successful.
Guaranteed Viable Curriculum - GVC
CyberCorps for Professional Learning Support: Cory Stokes - Students Teaching Teachers - CyberCorps trains S to help Ts and other S. (CyberCorp uses the same curriculum as GenYes kids (Wasatch))
S can do so much like fix the printer, show T how do do things. Cody Spendlove is trying to promote this with his district. This is a money saving program for the district. This has a financial benefit for the district.
Testimonial from a student who was in CyberCorps. The grant has gone away.Testimonial from Jim Black (Washington School District) who has the CyberCorps minions that can solve many problems.Is CyberCorp a regular class period? It can be.As the students become older, they start training the younger students.

When the teachers are trying something new in their classroom and they have a student who is in CC in the classroom they feel more comfortable because they have a safety net.Gives S real world training.
Some geeky kids really struggle and gives them an opportunity to shine.
They wrote a grant last year and had it in Washington SD for the last year.They are considering how to get CyberCore initiated state-wide. One of the issues is that they would need to find someone to administer (project manager) CyberCore IF they are able to get state-wide funding. Cory established a course that can be used in CTE. The CTE teacher just needs to pass the certification in order to teach the course.Start with 10 - 12 kids in the CyberCorp program. The legislature is looking at this.

The Key Roles of the Learning Coach: Robert Proffit - Coaching PPT


Find Pen Pal classes - ePal -3 Ideas -
The Teaching Channel has lots of videos of teaching and coaching.

Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction

May 2007by Jim Knight

The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation

by Elena Aguilar
Jim Knight has good research on Coaching impact on learning.In order to significantly change your teaching you have to experience cognitive dissonance. 90% of coaching is a relationship 10% is reflecting.It's about asking the right questions.What is it you would like to see as an outcome today?Which of your kids nailed it today? Which kids didn't?Non-evaluative language.Use the right pronouns and verbs. It's about what the teacher wants not what he/she did.Robert Proffit recommends The Data Gateway and Student Growth.

OverDrive the Anywhere Library: Summer Cornelius -OverDrive will come and train.

Chromebooks and Google Management: Jim Black - G-Suite certified, CETL certified -Teach digital citizenship. Washington SD blocked the site that solves the math problems. But then another site opens that solves the math problems. Some of the gaming sites messes with the Chrome OS. But they just can't block every site. Must teach digital citizenship.Disable the developer mode?Some schools allow the students to print. Granite, Washington & Canyons don't print. But that means that the teachers can't print either. Washington allows some printing. Share this printer to these Chromebooks. Not share this printer with this user.Some of the Chromebooks are getting the low disc error. Jim Black says they just have to wipe it. It wipes all the content but wipes all the settings and it takes forever to log in again and bring down all the settings. That overwhelms the AP. (Access Point) Washington is buying a lot of Acers and a lot of Dells. $159 including management on Lenovas.


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