October 6, 2017 - Tooele (Techtoberfest)

Host: Tooele School District
Contact: Jim Langston, jlangston@tooeleschools.org
Location: Stansbury High School, 5300 Aberdeen Ln, Tooele, UT 84074


From Dani Sloan -
A Keynote in March at UCET -

Phishing -
Thane St.Clair - groups that fall for this, secretaries, bus drivers, lunch ladies. These all support learning so they need the phishing training too. Public Service Announcement

Tooele School District and Katie Challis made this video but they are willing to share. This video is one piece of evidence of how EdTech can effect IT. Katie and Thayne are Ed Tech embedded in the IT Dept. which has been very advantageous. After they shared this video with their employees, the bus drivers and everyone, were reporting the phishing and there have been far less problems.
Teachers and students are the winners of this arrangement.
Cody Spendlove suggests going to EdCamp behind the scenes and see how they prepare for the discussions. If you plan on holding an EdCamp in your district or school this would be a good way to prepare.
Propaganda Campaign

Rotation Lab for every different concept for the new teachers. Model some teaching strategy plus show what type of things they might encounter when they or their students are working on computers.

  1. Rotation - Play the Phishing video, list one way that you can tell that an email is a phishing email.
  2. Cable - Identify each Cable - Put the cable in the correct box figure out which card goes with which cable. Multiple cards go with the cables. )(Could be used for Science, Poetry (Haiku, other kinds)
  3. Station - How to show a movie on a projector - you have to either duplicate the screen or pick up the window and move it over to the screen.
  4. Station - How to shut down computer on Windows 8.
  5. Station - Where to find resources on the district website such as how to request a sub, where to find your pay checks, how to find Canvas, etc.

This feels less like an assignment and more like fun. Centers are exciting. Natural differentiator. More organic choices of who to work with.

Flipped Leadership Day -

These are the people who planned and implemented Techtoberfest.
Jim Langston
Thane St. Clare
Nicole St. Clare
Katy Challis
Curriculum Staff
Deb Bushek
Chantel Cowan
Patricia Baldwin
Hal Strain
Tooele School District's IT Dept.


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