Welcome to the Community Mapping Workshop (CMaP)


GIS/GPS Quick Links

The Community Mapping summer workshop is designed to introduce educators to two exciting technologies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Educators will not only be introduced to these technologies but also be given tools and resources for using them to enhance their curriculum.

This four-day summer workshop is for the educator who wants to increase community involvement in their classroom or student group. During the CMaP workshop, educators learn how to incorporate a community-based project into existing curriculum, beginning with the fundamentals of project-based learning, and continuing right through essential project design and management concepts and tools.

Projects are as individual as the teachers and students involved and can take any curriculum direction: geography, science, economics, history, civics, mathematics... and beyond. Participants learn how to enhance projects with technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Because the CMaP workshop models an actual project process, you will leave understanding how to introduce the same concepts to students. Moreover, projects are aligned to the Utah Core Curriculum, and you will see how to assess student learning and evaluate the overall success of a project.

Before attending read through the Course Resource section so you will know what to expect and prepare for.

NOTE: Introducing GIS and GPS in the classroom can lead to a career in Geospatial Technology for your students. UEN also offers a GPS in the Classroom course that would enhance skill learned in the CMaP workshop.


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