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Art 1010 - Introduction to Visual Arts
Public - Art 1010 Course
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Last Updated: August 13, 2014

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Art 1010 Video Overview
This course introduces the elements and principles of art and major art forms through a survey of art history. This is a 3 credit course that satisfies Fine Art General Education requirements at all USHE institutions. This course does not have any prerequisites.
Learning Outcomes
  1. Students will formulate a working knowledge of the elements and principles of art and design and how these things, when combined with the unique qualities of different media, contribute to the meaning and message of art. Related assessment methods: slide tests, essays, graded discussions, presentations
  2. Students will acquire the vocabulary necessary to address issues and concepts in art using both oral and written skills. Related assessment methods: essays, presentations, graded discussions, slide tests, research papers
  3. Students will be able to broadly define movements and periods in art history and to locate works of art within their historical and cultural contexts. Related assessment methods: essays, presentations, slide tests, research papers
  4. Students will be able to differentiate between viewing a work of art emotionally and applying analytical techniques to interpret art. Related assessment methods: journal entries, essays, slide tests, presentations, research papers
  5. Students will be able to access, interpret, evaluate and synthesize information using multiple resources, including physical libraries, online information and art databases. Related assessment methods: essays, research papers, presentations
  6. Students will explore how ad why works of art can influence human experiences, making connections between art, culture and everyday life. Related assessment methods: journal entries, essays, graded discussions

Course Content Structure
This course will be divided into eight modules, which cover eight historical periods in Western Art. The content will introduce a historical time period with a brief historical overview. Each module will introduce the terminology associated with the elements and principles of art and design. This will lead to an art historical overview of the period that will include more detailed discussion of at least six works of art that represent a variety of media and styles from the time period.The module will address five themes that will allow students to trace the different approaches to these themes within a particular time period and across different time periods. The themes are: the body, belief, politics and authority, the natural world, and architecture. Each module will also include a section that deals with thematically related non-Western content, offering students a global view of art.

Course Modules
  1. Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art
  2. Ancient Greek and Roman Art
  3. Medieval and Byzantine Art
  4. Renaissance Art
  5. Baroque and Rococo Art
  6. Nineteenth Century Art
  7. Twentieth Century Art
  8. Contemporary Art
Project Leader:

Nancy Ross 
Dixie State University

Development Team Members:

Dr. Andrew Marvick
  Southern Utah University
Suzanne Kanatsiz
  Weber State University
Jake Gilson
  Weber State University
Deb Banerjee
  Utah State University
Sheila Chambers
  Salt Lake Community College
Julie Sismondi-Lamarra
  InTech Collegiate High School - Charter School
Anne Quigley
  Hunter High - Granite School District
Stacy Schimbeck
  Millcreek High - Washington School District
Birgit Wudenka McMullen
  Gateway Preparatory Academy - Charter School
Liz Sprackland
  Wasatch High - Wasatch School District
Shelley Selytina Shupe
  Utah Valley University & American Fork High
Mike Royall
  Emery High School - Emery School District
Shane Prine
  Dixe State University