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Public School District teachers who are interested in teaching a TICE class seek approval from their principal. The principal should be able to direct teachers to the district concurrent enrollment administrator. The district administrator, in turn, contacts the concurrent enrollment director at the USHE institution(s) with which the district partners.

Policy Background
The USHE campus academic department and the district have joint responsibility in selecting concurrent enrollment instructors with final approval determined by the USHE institution:

R165-10.1 Selection of Adjunct Faculty: Nomination of adjunct faculty is the joint responsibility of the participating local school district(s) and the participating USHE credit-granting institution. Final approval of the adjunct faculty will be determined by the appropriate department at the college or university at the USHE credit-granting institution. Selection criteria for adjunct faculty teaching concurrent enrollment courses should be the same as those criteria applied to other adjunct faculty appointments in specific departments.

USHE institutions’ adjunct faculty status is determined by attained education and years successful teaching. Each department sets its criteria. Across the system, standards may vary even for departments in the same discipline.

Teachers must also meet all requirements for highly qualified status under No Child Left Behind. As a general guideline, high school teachers who lead concurrent enrollment classes must::

  1. Possess sufficient formal education and/or related work experience in the content area to meet institution academic department qualifications adjunct faculty status;
  2. Possess a current state teacher certification or industry credential, if CTE teacher;
  3. Possess applicable state, CTE, and/or trade union endorsement(s); and
  4. Demonstrate ability to present college curriculum.