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Technology Intensive Concurrent Enrollment

IETD 1010 - Introduction to Engineering and Technical Design
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Last Updated: February 11, 2016

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An introductory course to explore engineering and technical design solutions using critical thinking in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Learning modules include; The Engineering Design Process & Professions, Sketching & Documentation, Design Measuring, CAD & Geometric Constraints, Design Visualization, Orthographic Projection & Multi-View Drawings, Fasteners, Assembly Drawings, Dimensioning, Tolerancing and Final Team Design Projects.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion students will be able to:

  1. Understand the role of design in society, related professions and the engineering design process
  2. Document the design process using the engineering notebook to solve technological problems
  3. Understand and apply mathematics, measuring conventions and scales using scale factors
  4. Create a 3D model from a 2D sketch
  5. Develop the ability to visualize and manipulate a design solution in 2D & 3D
  6. Create orthographic projections of given objects and develop multi-view drawings that include all necessary views
  7. Define and identify threaded fasteners
  8. Document an assembly of multiple parts
  9. Fully describe the size, shape, location and manufacturing required to produce a part
  10. Fully define the allowable variation of geometric size, shape, location and manufacturing required to produce a part
  11. Follow the engineering design process in a team environment to document a design solution

Course Modules (Contact Hours):
  1. The Engineering Design Process & Professions (2)
  2. Sketching & Documentation (2)
  3. Design Measuring (3)
  4. CAD & Geometric Constraints (6)
  5. Design Visualization (3)
  6. Orthographic Projection & Multi-view Drawings (6)
  7. Fasteners (2)
  8. Assembly Drawings (4)
  9. Dimensioning (4)
  10. Tolerancing (3)
  11. Final Team Design Project & Presentation (9)
  12. Final Review & Assessment (1)
Project Leaders:

Primary Project Leader:
Richard Cozzens
Southern Utah University

Jeremy Farner
Weber State University

Development Team Members:

Elias Perez
  Utah State Eastern
Rex Thornock
  Ogden/Weber Applied Technology College
Dr. Thomas Paskett
  Fremont/ Bonneville High School
Gary Roberts
  Wasatch High School
Tim Benson
  Canyon View High School
Tim Feltner
  Layton High School

Pedagogy and Assessment Advisor
Dr. Shalini Kesar
  Southern Utah University

Technology and Curriculum Development Software Advisor
Isabella Borisova
  Southern Utah University

Advisory Members
David Milliken
  Utah State Skilled & Technical Sciences Ed.

Darrell Andelin
  Utah State Technology & Engineering Ed.

Contributing Members
Megumi Leatherbury
  Weber State University
Marni Tobin
  Weber State University

External Reviewers
Dan Esplin
  Dixie Applied Technology Center
Mark Anderson
  Gunnison High School
RaeLyn Perez
  Southern Utah University
Brian James
  Southern Utah University

2013-2014 Pilot Teachers
Alan Carlson
  Weber High School
Cody Valdez
  Tooele High School
Dan Little
  Kanab High School
Jeff Brinkerhoff
  Bryce Valley High School
Jordan Ulrich
  Park City High School
Khristen Massic
  Springville High School
Mark Anderson
  Gunnison High School
Tim Feltner
  Layton High School
Tom Paskett
  Bonneville & Fremont High School