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CTE/Work-Based Learning Curriculum Workplace Skills
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Core Standards of the Course

Strand 1
Students will know and demonstrate the process of getting and will prepare for employment.

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Standard 1
Design a resume to be used in the Work-Based Learning placement.

  1. Identify parts of a resume
  2. Identify types of resume formats and choose an applicable format
  3. Create a resume that reflects the student's career interest and academic skills (English, math, science, etc.)

Standard 2
Plan and write a letter of introduction.

  1. Identify parts of a letter of introduction
  2. Compose a letter of introduction in standard business format.

Standard 3
Complete a job application.

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  1. Identify common mistakes in filling out job applications.
  2. Evaluate the differences between good and bad application samples.
  3. Practice correctly filling out a hard copy job application and an online application.

Standard 4
Demonstrate job interview skills.

  1. Discuss self-marketing techniques used during a job interview.
  2. Identify and demonstrate professional dress, hygiene and behavior for a job interview.
  3. Research and prepare information about prospective Work-Based Learning site.
  4. Identify and evaluate appropriate questions and responses in a job interview.
  5. Assess performance in a job interview.
  6. Identify the components of a thank you note and a thank you letter.
  7. Complete a sample of a thank you note and thank you letter.

Strand 2
Students will identify and follow legal and safety guidelines pertaining to the workplace.

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Standard 1
Examine and discuss labor laws applicable to Work-Based Learning.

  1. Examine and discuss Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) including child labor laws and 17 hazardous occupations.
  2. Examine and discuss sexual harassment laws
  3. Examine and discuss discrimination laws, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), Title IX.
  4. Identify a process for resolving potential labor violations at the Work-Based Learning site.

Standard 2
Examine and discuss workers compensation as it applies to both paid and unpaid student interns.

  1. Review Senate Bill 28, Work-based Learning Programs for Interns, and how it affects students at the Work-Based Learning site.
  2. Formulate a plan for emergency situations at Work-Based Learning site in conjunction with district workers compensation policy.
  3. Review information concerning ID badges, forms, etc. to be carried with the students.
  4. Review employer workers compensation responsibility to paid student interns.

Standard 3
Examine and discuss safety in the workplace.

  1. Explain Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) role in workplace safety.
  2. Review safety in the workplace.
  3. Assess safety of Work-Based Learning site.
  4. Identify a process for resolving potential safety violations at Work-Based Learning site.

Standard 4
Examine and discuss confidentiality in the workplace.

  1. Review professional confidentiality.
  2. Complete and sign a confidentiality agreement form appropriate for the Work-Based Learning site.

Strand 3
Students will identify and demonstrate professional character traits.

Standard 1
Examine and discuss professional ethical behavior.

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  1. Define professional ethics
  2. Compare and contrast ethical and unethical behavior.
  3. Discuss responsibility, self-esteem, self-management, integrity and honesty at the Work-Based Learning site.

Standard 2
Examine and discuss the role of attitude in the workplace.

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  1. Assess characteristics of a positive attitude.
  2. List things that influence attitude.
  3. Evaluate the influence of a good attitude in the workplace.
  4. Discuss positive attitude at Work-Based Learning site.
  5. Discuss goal setting.
  6. Use and apply learned knowledge through multi-day project based learning experiences.

Strand 4
Students will identify and demonstrate effective verbal, written, and interpersonal communications in the workplace.

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Standard 1
Examine and discuss the appropriate use of technology in the workplace.

  1. Write an effective workplace e-mail.
  2. Understand and practice appropriate workplace policies and use of personal cell phones.
  3. Examine how social networking sites play a role in the workplace (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  4. Understand how personal marketing can affect job outlooks.

Standard 2
Appraise and discuss effective conflict resolution skills.

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  1. Identify steps in conflict resolution process.
  2. Demonstrate effective conflict resolution skills.

Standard 3
Identify and demonstrate effective teamwork skills.

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  1. Identify dynamics of team through participation in classroom activity.
  2. Analyze the purpose and effect of different roles in team dynamics.
  3. Evaluate how personal qualities contribute to a team effort.

Strand 5
Students will identify goals and skills learned by evaluating and analyzing the Work-Based Learning experience.

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Standard 1
Generate and choose specific skills and tasks to guide the Work-Based Learning experience.

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  1. Use written skills grid pertaining to Work-Based Learning site.
  2. Report and track progress on skills grid.
  3. Calculate and track Work-Based Learning hours.
  4. Select personal learning goals that relate to Work-Based Learning experience.

Standard 2
Assess and report on the Work-Based Learning experience.

  1. Evaluate, in written format, Work-Based Learning experience.
  2. Review written student evaluation from employer.

Standard 3
Research and evaluate job in student career interest area.

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  1. Investigate education, salary, required skills and job outlook in career interest area.
  2. Evaluate career choice following Work-Based Learning experience.
  3. Formulate future career plan using UtahFutures and CTE Pathway connections.
  4. Identify a Pathway or related Pathway connected to the student's internship.
  5. Create a project that demonstrates the use of this information in a five year plan.

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