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CTE/Education & Training Curriculum FCS 6th Grade
Lesson Plans

Strand 6

Students will explore employability skills, entrepreneurship, the principles of the free enterprise system.
  • ALL:Health Care Careers (HST)
    Students will explore a variety of health care careers in each of the five National Health Care Career Pathways (Therapeutic, Diagnostic, Health Informatics, Support Services and Biotechnology Research and Development). Students will be introduced to the National Health Care Foundation Skills Standards.
  • ALL:Health Care Pathways Overview (HST)
    This activity is intended to be presented prior to implementation of health care activities.

    Students will be introduced to careers in each of the five pathways of health care to include therapeutic services, support services, diagnostic services, biotechnology research and development, and health informatics.

  • ALL:Health Careers Planner - Interest Inventory
    Introduction to Health Care Careers through a short interest inventory located in the Health Careers Planner (HCP).
  • ALL:PowerPoint Intro to Career Paths
    This slide show is available in Corel Presentations and MS PowerPoint format and is intended to be used with the Career Paths instructional booklet. This slide show builds on the Introduction "Road to the Future" presentation. FASTEST JOB GROWTH through 2008 is projected to require on-the-job training or SKILLS LEARNED THROUGH VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION! This presentation INTRODUCES students to WORK, WORKPLACE TERMINOLOGY, CAREER PATHS and related occupations establishing validity and foundation. Service-producing and goods-producing industries are introduced with the fastest growing occupations identified. Information Technology and Health Service will lead the way and account for 16 of the 20 fastest-growing occupations!
  • BUS: Career Futures Skills Assessment (ALL)
    Students will study the Utah Futures site and narrow selections down to six favorite occupations.
  • BUS: Career Paths (ALL)
    Students will be able to identify and define workplace terminology. Students will recognize there are various reasons why people work. Students will recognize the difference between job, occupation, career, and career path. Students will be able to identify the five career paths. Students will recognize and appreciate the need to begin planning for a career goal.
  • BUS: Employment Application (BUS)
    Students will complete a job application.
  • BUS: Ethics Game (BUS)
    Students will reflect on workplace ethics and learn about how ethics are not always a black and white proposition.
  • BUS: Ethics-Where to Draw the Line (BUS)
    Students will evaluate ethical and unethical behaviors.
  • BUS: Fun Desktop Publishing Projects (BUS)
    Students will learn the basics of desktop publishing and design. They will create various projects in Microsoft Word as directed by the teacher.
  • BUS: Grab Bag Marketing (Mktg)
    The students will explore marketing concepts including the 4 P's of marketing by developing and marketing a product from materials found in a grab bag. Students will utilize computer software and digital media to complete the project.
  • BUS: Health - Case of the Potluck Poisoning - Updated
  • BUS: Health Care Pathways Overview (ALL)
    The lesson includes a Health Care Career Presentation and a crossword puzzle.
  • BUS: Intro To Career Paths / PPT Resource (ALL)
    This presentation introduces students to work, workplace terminology, career paths and related occupations establish validity and foundation. The five career paths are introduced and occupations within are identified. This presentation is great for orientation.
  • BUS: Occupation Inquiry
    Students research a career from a specific cluster and discover skills and preparation needed for that occupation.
  • BUS: Welcome to Career Pathways/Resource (ALL)
    This is a resource PowerPoint that can be used to promote CTE Pathways.
  • FACS: Careers in Communication (Independence)
    Students will explore careers in communication; specifically writers, newscasters and advertising specialists.
  • FACS: Health Careers Planner - Support Services
    Students will explore the Support Services Career Pathway using articles in the Health Careers Planner (HCP).
  • FACS: Health Careers Planner - Therapeutic Services
    Students will explore the Therapeutic Services Career Pathway using articles in the Health Careers Planner (HCP).

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