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CTE/Education & Training Curriculum Adult Roles And Responsibilities
Lesson Plans

Strand 4

Students will identify the aspects and importance of marriage preparation and examine behaviors that strengthen marital and family relationships.

Standard 5

Identify marriage and family financial goals and budget development strategies.
  • Adult Roles and Responsibilities
    This lesson is a collaboration between the library media specialist and a FACS teacher.
  • Budgeting
    It is very important that you know about budgeting and have discussed it before you get married. Money is a subject many couples avoid discussing, especially if they are having financial problems. It is important to remember that a budget must be flexible in order to work. A budget that is not flexible causes many problems. The budget is a good starting point from which a couple can manage their money.
  • Budgeting
    Students will learn about marriage and family financial goals and developing budget strategies. They will also define budgeting terms and develop a realistic monthly family budget.
  • Careers
  • Consumerism
    Students will identify and utilize basic consumer, money management, and financial strategies, including marriage and family financial goals and budget strategies.
  • Entreprenuership
    When thinking of a career entreprenuership is a option for those who would like to be in business for themselves and have a unique idea.
  • M&F Chapter 11 - Money & Work
  • Family issues in the work place.
  • Women in the workforce, dual-earner marriages, unemployment and poverty.
  • Marriage and Financial Goals, Budgeting Strategies
    Students will learn about the role of money and finances in marriage, specifically focusing on setting financial goals, budgeting strategies, and the impact of money management on a marriage.

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