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CTE/Agricultural, Food & Natural Resources Curriculum Food And Nutrition
Lesson Plans

Strand 6

Students will explore healthy nutrition guidelines. (Suggested 3 days )

Standard 2

Explore resources for nutritional recommendations.
  • Calorie Calculations through Beach Activities
    Students will be able to analyze and evaluate different physical activities and the calories burned in those activities thus comparing to how their caloric intake relates to their physical activity.
  • Dietary Guidelines/Food Pyramid
    Identify and explain the recommended Dietary Guidelines for Americans and their importance in the diet when making appropriate food choices for a healthy lifestyle. Review the Food Guide Pyramid-the six food groups with the foods that are included in each group by the nutrients they contain and the appropriate serving size for each food.
  • Dietary Guidelines/Food Pyramid Test
    Testing the student's knowledge of the Dietary Guidelines and the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • Fat, Sugar, and Salt
    Awareness of fat, sugar and salt in manufactured and commercially prepared foods.
  • Food Pyramid Lab
    This lab will review the Food Guide Pyramid and will give the students an opportunity to prepare a food item from all of the food groups within the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • Food Pyramid and Dietary Guidelines
    Students will learn about the Food Guide Pyramid and Dietary Guidelines by looking at samples of serving sizes and filling out worksheets.
  • Healthy Eating Patterns
    Students will explore healthy eating patterns as they relate to MyPlate. There is a PowerPoint and a note guide to accompany this lesson. A mini-lab recipe, (a lab that will only take half of a class period), will be provided to help teach the concepts of the lesson.
  • MyPlate
    Students will explore MyPlate. There is a PowerPoint and a note guide to accompany this lesson. There is an application activity, (with an interactive whiteboard option). A couple of mini-lab recipes, (a lab that will only take half a class period), will be provided to help teach the concepts of the lesson.

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