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CTE/Architecture & Construction Curriculum Interior Design 1
Lesson Plans

Strand 3

Students will identify and explain the basic elements of design or "tools" used to create a design: line, shape, form, space, texture, pattern, and color. (STEM: Math, Science)

Standard 1

Identify, explain and use the basic elements of design
  • Black and White Design
    Students will create a design using white paper and black ink that incorporates all four of the different line types.
  • Elements Picture Assignment
    This assignment fulfills the requirements of performance objective #4 for the state skills test #330.
  • Elements Video
    Showing the movie DESIGN: The Elements, introduces the next unit of study to the students.
  • Elements and Principles Using a Movie
    This lesson provides both students and teacher with an "entertaining" break while fulfilling the requirements of a specific performance objective (303).
  • Form vs. Shape
    Provide students with the knowledge to understand the difference between form and shape and actually design a form from a shape they have created.
  • Interior Design- Space Unit
    A descriptive, hands-on approach to teaching the concept of space as an element of design. Students immediately put conceptual learning into use.
  • Line Coloring
    Students will experiment with line types and directions by coloring designs created by Roger Burrows.
  • Positive & Negative Space
    Students will create a puzzle-like picture in which one color of paper represents positive space and color represents negative space.
  • Poster Board Lines
    Students will take notes on line types and directions and then apply that knowledge to create posters depicting the different directions of line.
  • Shape & Form
    Students will learn the difference between shape and form by participating in a hands on activity.
  • Team Shape Picture/Shape Creation
    Students will be introduced to the concept of shape--two-dimensional objects--and have hands-on experience creating pictures using a variety of shapes.
  • Texture Rub/Texture Board
    Students will work hands on finding and using different textures in an interior.
  • Wallpaper Pattern
    Students will find examples of the four different types of patterns by using wallpaper as their medium.

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